Friday, November 13, 2009

Traktor 1.2.3 - coming soon! (in beta testing)

From Native Instruments site: 14/11/2009

The update will include the following improvements:

New and improved features:
  • Traktor Kontrol X1 integration
  • Native zero-configuration support for Pioneer CDJ-2000 / CDJ-900 / CDJ-400 / MEP-7000
  • Native zero-configuration support for Denon DN-HC4500
  • New controller icon in header shows connected devices
  • Improved Setup Wizard with phono/line switch for Audio 4 DJ/Audio 8 DJ
  • Deck copy function in browser
  • Additional controller mapping functions
  • Enhanced pitch fader range control
  • Various fixes

YES!! Did they decide to fix the CDJ400 HID support? Im hoping to see a serato-like native support for the cdj400~ Lets wait and see when its out (not its in beta testing phase, i reckon it should be out in like a week or two!)


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Burning CD's for djing - So yesterday?

Seems like not so long ago i still use CD's as a predominant media for mixing, as in i use pioneer CDJ's and in order to do so i burn my music into CD's. I always hated the whole burning/print cover/find perfect space in cd wallet thing~ Especially worse is when you are looking for a certain track in a huge pile of CD Wallets in a dark club~ Have u ever had this situation? You just tought of a perfect tune to SEIZE THE MOMENT~ Yet...  you missed the chance coz you cant find it!!!  *UGH! BURNING CD IS SO LAME*

These days i use serato scratch live and also recently: Traktor. After buying the traktor scratch duo set and upgrading the software to PRO, i can definitely see myself as a traktor fanboy (OMG?!! I always thought i loved serato??)

But now, just the thought of having to burn cds, print stuff, stick on cd, arrange cd wallet, is holding me off from using CDs with CDJS ever again~ i mean i will still bring my cd wallets just in case (in case my laptop crashes of course!) but for newer stuff i dont think i'd be bothered to burn them into CD's?   So these days i reckon DVS + laptop + CDJS/TURNTABLE is the way to go,  its the way of the future!  DOnt forget to bring your cd wallet tho, coz no matter how good ur laptop/dvs/cdj,  any of these crash so just be safe....


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Traktor : Beatgridding, SNAP and Quantize mode

(example of perfectly gridded track)

Ok, first things first - What the hell is "beatgridding" anyway?
Visually imagine your track as one giant long waveforms. Every song as we know, has different BPM's (beats per minutes). What beatgridding does in traktor is, it "SLICES" every single beat on the track, It puts a "line" in every single beat of the track, and in the end you will get a wave form that is EVENLY sliced according to the bpm, with each "slice" being one beat (see above). Why do we do this? Besides on getting a perfect bpm number, Looping and Effects  related stuff, Traktor has an amazing "Snap" and "Quantize" feature which relies heavily on the accuracy of your grids. The phase meter (located right above the waveform) also relies heavily on perfect grids

Snap: When you add a loop in or marker on-the-go, the marker will "Snap" itself to the nearest GRID~ What this means is you will ALWAYS (if you gridded ur tracks properly) have PERFECT LOOPS. Always. Fool Proof. No matter how you try to fuck it up with the timing it will still be perfect.  Try doing this on CDJ-1000's by itself and you'll see how much easier it is to loop in traktor!!

Quantize: When this is turned on, whenever you jump between beats or jump between cue points, traktor will ALWAYS stay on time. Again, provided that your gridding is fine. This means you can pretty much remix tracks on the go, live- dissecting the parts of the tracks and jumping around between them and knowing you will never fuck up the timing of the tracks

Phase meter: When i first started using traktor i got no clue whatsoever regarding how useful these things are.  Its not until i learnt how to beatgrid my tracks properly that i realised that its PRETTY DAMN AWESOME. I used to complain about how useless they are, boy i was very wrong...  The phase meter basically tells you the position of the beat you're trying to beatmatch. Lets say they are much like Serato's Horizontal Waveforms but with a twist. The only downside to this is that you DO need to grid your tracks in order to make use of them, otherwise using them will end up giving you a trainwreck.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DJMAG Tech Awards 2009

I just watched the whole thing and it was pretty entertaining!
I feel that it is a bit "biased" - we all know mr zabiela is probably paid a lot of money by pioneer and maybe native instruments/ableton? Also the lack of any turntablist as a judge (other than kutski) is a bit odd, some gears were not well-demonstrated (they didnt have anyone performing sick kuts on the ns7 - i saw better videos on youtube than what they showed off with the ns7!)

aniways you be the judge - i'd personally pick the dns3700 over the cdj400s anytime! And also i agree with kutski in that GRIDDING in traktor can be frustrating for vinyl-ripped or slightly inconsistent tracks

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why traktor is so awesome

Things i Love about Traktor at the moment:

-Being able to personalise my crates with cover art etc - The Crate flick option really reminds me of the good old days when i was spinning vinyls! I digitised a lot of my vinyls into mp3 and i attached the actual vinyl cover pic (obtained from discogs coz i CBF'd scanning one by one). Its a long and painstaking process but at the end its worth it! Now my traktor Crate Collection looks FUCKING AWESOME, each got their own actual covers as they were in their vinyl form! I just gotta makes sure i backup everything into an external hard drive coz Losing your BeatGRIDDED/HotCued/CoverAdded Tracks would really really SUCK!

-The Hotcues. 8 of them! I heard you could get more but u wont be able to access only 8 hotcues, but as a marker use i guess u can get up to 20 of them or something? i think i saw a video on youtube mentioning it. I personally hotcue the different parts of the song ie: intro , main part, breakdown, start of choruz, lead, outro, stuff like that. And the fact that you can label the hotcues is pretty damn cool too! Very nice to get organised!

At the moment this is how i roll in traktor: I create a playlist where only GRIDDED, HotCued, Labelled, Cover Art embedded Tracks are inside. It really really takes a lot of time and effort to do this one by one on each song but at the end i got a CRATE which i know inside out, got some pretty pictures on the cover, gridded, and stored with hotcues (and labelled appropriately ie intro, mainpart, breakdown etc) - Very handy indeed! For those who like to get organised :) It will take a looooooooooooong long time for me to do this to ALL my tracks ~ (heck, i wont even do it to all, i'll just choose the good ones, sometimes having too many tracks distract you aniway!) But i guess it will come in handy!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Hands-On Review: Traktor Scratch Duo

Zilchie's Review: Traktor Scratch Duo

Okay so everybody's been talking about how good it is, and i was kinda getting bored by my serato SL1, so i decided to buy a Traktor Scratch Duo set (with audio4DJ) at valentine music centre (which by the way is an awesome dj equipment shop in singapore - best price and best service! i miss the sydney oxford street dj shops tho~) aniways......

What's In The Box?
-Audio4DJ sound card - 2xline/phone in and 2xout (optional headphone jack)
-Traktor Scratch Duo Software
-2x "multi core cables" - NOTE : DIFFERENT FROM THE ONE U GET IN TSPRO SET!!!
-2xControl CDs and 2xControl Vinyls (nicely pressed smooth vinyls!!!)
- manual and some weird useless paper/pamphlet

Easy to setup?
Coming from serato scratch live setting this up is as easy as connecting the coloured multicore cables into the audio4 dj and plugging the labelled other side to the "PLAYER/TT" and "MIXER" - if you can read its piece of cake! Red goes to red, white goes to white, yellow to yellow yada yada yada... thats it right...? Right.........?

Now here comes the nightmare.....
At first setup i find that my timecodes werent responding at all, the manual is not too good in explaining what you need to do (if you never setup a dvs before you might find yourself in a difficult place here!!!) TRAKTOR SEEMS TO SUPPLY THE EXACT SAME MANUAL REGARDLESS OF ITS PRO / DUO / SCRATCH OR WHATEVER VERSION. LAZINESS! The manual doesnt say anything specific regarding to the duo/audio4 interface, something more clear would be nice!

After a long trouble shooting i found out the solution was simply going to the setup wizard and choosing "AUDIO4 DJ - SCRATCH" from the options, and yes they could have supplied a nice small piece of paper with step by step guides mentioning this! The worst part is if you accidentally choose the "AUDIO4 DJ - Internal" or "Audio4DJ - EXternal" (thats what i did) timecodes wont work!

It was also very hard to figure out how to bring out the "scratch panels" or "timecode calibration box" next to the decks, Traktor duo is so limited that they disable some important options/menus just so that you buy the PRO version! I eventually upgraded to Traktor Scratch Pro within one day coz i cant hack duo, but its just a personal preference, i guess using traktor scratch duo is like playing a shareware version of DOOM back in the days - u kno its an awesome game but u kno u are limited to one episode only and if u want more u gotta pay more money!

IT ALL COMES DOWN TO NATIVE INSTRUMENTS FOR GIVING CLEARER INSTRUCTIONS/Better manuals Specific to the software/package they sell - things are pretty simple but its very easy to not know how to do things if ur new in traktor

Aniways, once we got it sorted out... hows traktor?


Even though version 1.2.1 is still a bit buggy (it crashed on me once while playing the same songs on both decks?) but i still reckon that traktor is an awesome piece of kit. I love being able to organise my tracks with cover arts (even tho you have to manually embed the cover art one by one by itunes or something~ an option to instantly download cover arts off the net by a single click would be lovely!)

I love the awesome 8 hot cues, assignable to midi pads (im using an akai LPD8 drum pads/knobs - review on that later) I love the effects (kinda limited in duo but in pro u got 20 plus something!) I also love the sound quality of the duo, even though its a 2 channel thing it packs a punch and output is nice loud and clear! The good thing with traktor is that theres so many different ways to get into it (DVS/midi controller/a mix of both/whatever) I really can see myself switching to TRAKTOR completely in the future (preferable not version 1.2.1 tho, i heard version 1.1.0 is better at the moment? but regardless its a really nice software and it seems to only crash when you are doing certain things~ i just really refrain from playing 2 same tracks on both decks and so far it hasnt crashed on me anymore~

it is recommended that you upgrade to TRAKTOR scratch pro to fully enjoy the features of Traktor Tho! Duo is nice but i really find its too limiting, PRO version is just AWESOME. If you dont need the extra outputs using the audio4 dj is more than enuff, otherwise you can get the audio8dj for more cash. I'd stick with the audio4 for now.

Now if you excuse me im gonna sort out my tunes in traktor , put some fancy cover art and beatgrid them....

Coming soon:
BEAT GRIDDING in traktor - the easy way - my guide to easily beat grid tracks in traktor - perfectly every time! and not its not that hard :)

AKAI LPD8 Review

Thursday, August 20, 2009

DJ Zilch - Lost In Trance Vol.05 !

My latest mix!
140 bpm of pure tough euphoric trance and tech-trance... Trance in its finest form!

Zilch - Lost In Trance Vol.05

Link: Download

Dave202 - Departure
Greg Nash - Cloud Shadow (fred baker remix)
Re:Locate & Mark Sixma - Piranha (heatbeat remix)
Louk & Stew Ewens - Bad Habit (marcos remix)
Heatbeat - Vergatron
Ummet Ozcan - Time Wave Zero
A.M.R. - Sand Dunes (daniel kandi remix)
Ferry Corsten - Radio Crash
Mike Koglin - Find Me
Alex Morph - Photograph (jonas hornblade remix)
Vengeance - Unexpectation (denga & manus remix)
Claudia Cazacu feat. Audrey Gallagher - Freefalling
Dubfire - Roadkill (brian kearney & indecent noise rework)
The Prodigy - Omen (indecent noise rework)
Sean Tyas & Simon Patterson - For The Most Part (original mix)
Whitelabel - Not Exactly A Bootleg

Enjoy! :)

More mixes on
-Ivan ZIlch

Monday, August 17, 2009

Caffeine Vol.08 new mixtape! (Prog/tech/euphoric trance)

My latest mix....
Its on the proggier/techier side of things, the songs i picked are between 128 to 134 bpm, so you get the idea~ Very trancey and proggy!

Zilch - Caffeine Vol.08 (Progressive/Tech/Euphoric Trance)

Rank1 - Symfo
Arc - 8:47 AM (ronski speed remix)
Sean Tyas - Seven Weeks (original mix)
Simon Gain - Copenhagen
Cosmic Gate - Sign Of Times (original mix)
Starchaser Feat. Lo-Fi Sugar - So High (martin roth remix)
Marcus Schossow - From My Heart (original mix)
Julie Tompson - It only Hurts (richard durand Dub mix)
BT - Force of Gravity (orjan nielsen remix)
Dyor 2 Dyor - Vision (big emotion mix)
Dr. Willis & Junkyard Dog - Here She Comes
Tritonal Feat Christina Soto - Daybreak (original mix)
John O'Callaghan Feat Sarah Howells - Find Yourself (cosmic gate remix)


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Singapore: E.D.M. @ The Nova. trance/hard-dance every fridays!!!

Starting August 7th 2009:
E.D.M. @ The Nova
Spinning the choicest cuts of Electro, Progressive House, Tech-Trance, Euphoric Trance, Hard-Trance, Hardstyle.

Resident DJ's:
DJ Formica(SG)

10pm to 3am every fridays!

GameHaven , 29 Carpenter St, Clarke Quay, 6th Level GameHaven Building

Finally! a hybrid edm/hard-dance event in singapore!

more info: The nova

Monday, July 27, 2009

Zilch - The lost live set (techy, uplifting trance? haha)

I just found this liveset on my hard drive, i think its a liveset rip of one of my gigs, seriously i cant remember how it got to my hard drive and how it got recorded, i vaguely remember the tracklist. Features tracks by armin, first state, tenishia, marcel woods, simon and shaker, you get the idea! Its techy/uplifting trance , its an awesome solid listening experience!

Download it now and have a listen! :)


Epiphany Hardstyle mix - free download!

a. A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something.
b. A comprehension or perception of reality by means of a sudden intuitive realization"

I just had a listen to some of the older stuff in my iPod, one of them is an experimental mixtape i did in 2008, perhaps the last Hardstyle mixtape i ever did (i now have my fondness of proggy techy trancier stuff - still enjoy the hard stuff but not as much as i used to - yes i am getting old i know).

It was particularly interesting because it was my first experiment with digital mixing, coming from vinyl and then CDJ's i was interested to know what the fuss with ableton was all about, i was also experimenting with harmonic mixing and wanted to know if the formula was applied to HARDSTYLE what would happen - it turned out pretty damn good!

The mixtape made back in 2008 is a 74 minute sonic mayhem of 20+ tracks, constant hardstyle mash-up, featuring tracks by the usual suspects the Headhunterz, Noisecontrollers, Technoboy, Zatox, Dark By Design and more... I did not put up a tracklist so that there will be an element of surprise when listening in. This was my first and only mixtape i ever did in Ableton Live.

WARNING! For those who dont know what "Hardstyle" is, This mixtape is over 150+ BPM of constant audio assault, very hard and fast, definitely not for the faint hearted!

Link: Download  (can also be found on

The mixtape is called "epiphany"
what was the epiphany?
One: Well, it was that mixing on ableton was not for me. The thought of having to beatwarp all my tracks before being able to mix them in ableton is a bit annoying. Of course in Traktor you also need to do beatgrids but you dont really have to - you can still mix manually without without the beatgrids, you just lose some of the features. I spent almost an hour beatwarping the 20+ tracks i used in this mixtape, it was not very fun. These days i can achieve the same result with Traktor + Timecode, so i guess Ableton would be just a production tool for me instead of a djing one.The mixtape turned out really nice though, if you dig Hardstyle/Hard-Dance then it's a must-listen!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Magmug,com article about me :)

Just saw this on magmug's front page:

Thanx to the guys at magmug for that! :)

check out for your fix of music thingie in asia!



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back in Singapore again

Ahhh! The humidity!

I love singapore! its just that something about the air is kinda not cool, as soon as i stepped out of the airport i felt a huge hit of humidity right into my face ~ Starting to get used to it tho....

aniways im glad to be back in singapore, i missed my decks so much while i was in taiwan!

Im gonna be doing a lot of new mixes and stuff very very soon so stay tuned... i also will be doing the long-awaited Zilchified Vol.9 ! More focus will be on the trancier side of things tho, like Lost In trance stuff or caffeine stuff...

But for now... gonna zzzzzzzzzzzzzz a bit more :P

Monday, July 20, 2009


Oh my god i just went to a japanese barbeque in taiwan (all you can eat yakiniku style)

and on the dessert section.... the ice cream is HAAGEN DAZ!

OMIGODDD never ato so much ice cream in my life b4 X___X

In singapore hagen daz is like $15 bucks per portion or something, i probably helped myself on over $100 worth of hagen daz ice cream! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Damn... SO FULL X___X

Flying to singapore from taiwan tomorrow.... YAAAY

God i miss my pioneer decks!! cant wait to get mixing and post some fresh new mixes online!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Singapore Event: Double Trouble Feat. Scot Project and BaXX!

Oh dear...
I will be in taiwan until 21st of July. ..
Yes, i wont be able to attend this event..... DAMN!!!!! (The event is on 18th July)
Otherwise i'll be there for sho!!
I've always been a fan of scot project, the GODFATHER of Hard Trance
even tho these days he plays tech-trance (love his techy stuff tho!) but he always got a harder edged sound to his production~
aniways if you're in singapore and you like hard dance you'd be CRAZY to miss out on this!
-ZILCH event review of Hardstyle Climax June 19th 2009

Just checked out today and saw that they did a review of our past event in june...

Magmug is a music magazine based around indonesia, malaysia, singapore and japan etc. Well pretty much asia in majority! So check it out if your into music things!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

One Piece anyone?

So im in taiwan at the moment and to kill time, i've been watching alot of animes. I always loved anime! I just didnt have much time to actually watch them the past few years, now that i actually got sum time to kill i guess its time to catch up on some good ol' japanese anime!
One particular show that i really find interesting is ONE PIECE. Its an anime about pirates and myths and stuff, it stars a straw hat wearing funny dude called "Monkey D Luffy" (weird name?) who is pretty much a japanese version of Plasticman (does anyone else remember this old skool american show???)
Yeh so aniways the show is heaps funny, and its not very serious at all, its very casual and easy to digest, the scenes are mostly very humorous and entertaining and not too heavy on the politics etc (from what i think!) Yeah so if anyone got time to kill and loves anime, you cant go wrong with One Piece.
Warning: This show is fucking addictive and theres like hundreds and hundreds of episodes!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Yoji vs Tiesto - Techy 643 (DJ Zilch Mash-Up) Tech-Trance Bootleg

Hey guys i just uploaded this on my youtube, i did this a long time ago, its basically a mash up of yoji's techy techy with tiesto classic Flight 643. Check it out!
Notice: If you are a dj and you want this track in high quality with intro etc email me and i'll arrange something!

The Best CDR for DJing purpose?

CDR's? Are you serious you might ask?

Okay, these days who uses CD's aniway? Nobody really carries discmans around anymore, they are replaced by ipods or mp3 players. Nobody really burns music cds anymore (except for djs!) coz they just play the mp3 files straight away. Nobody burns data into CD anymore, coz these days 600MB aint much compared to 4.7GB DVD's. Got small files to transport between PCs? Then people use USB THUMB DRIVES!

Seriously, who still use CDs these days??

the DJS!

Picture this,
you are standing in front of 500 people, they are all eager to witness the legendary "insert dj name here" everyone was so hyped about. You prepared a killer mash-up intro to impress the audience, you insert the cdr you just burnt the night before into the pioneer cdj-1000 they have on the club, you press play. Everyone in the audience clap their hands to the first few beats of the intro, they are all loving it! The lasers start to shoot out crazy beams and the focus is on you. And then, 4 minutes into the song......

the cd skips
people start taking videos of the incident, as the others started booing and throwing bottles at you, and you thought "FUCK this is soooo gonna be on youtube!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
suddenly, things dont look so pretty anymore....

So, the importance of a good CDR media.... now you get the idea!

Im starting to think that the majority of blank CDR media buyers are DJS Using Pioneer CDJS, so next time you see someone buying a 100-pack spindle of CDR's, smile and say "hey, what style do you play!" LOLZ!!!

aniways that was sort of out of the topic, the main issue is to FIND THE BEST CDR for burning purposes

when i said BEST i mean:

-Low or ZERO Fail burning error

-DURABILITY of the media (long lasting, holds the data for a long long period of time etc)

-Quality and build (some CDRs just look like they snap sooo easily and they are so thin you can see what you wrote on the front of the CD... FROM THE BACK!! - try it!)

-Trusted name that everyone swears on

From personal experience, i tried EVERY BRAND there is , from SONY to TDK to maxwell to DSE to Australia Post... everything... and i have mixed results

I have particularly bad experience with a batch of SONY CDRs... 8 out of 10 CDS Were FUCKED UP! Like seriously DOOD.... 8 out of 10 CDRS? I have kept the rest of the pack (i bought the 50 spindle) and and worried bout using them for DJing purposes (OR ANY PURPOSE!) coz they are sooo unreliable

some of the CDRS i burnt cant play the first track (and the first track only, WTF?)
some of the CDRs i burnt cant play at all (on the pioneer CDJS)

and i used more than one burner and got the same results (ie they all produce fukt up CDs)

at the end, after reading thru hundreds of pages of web forums for recommendations, and after trying it for myself, one brand stood out...

its... TAIYO YUDEN aka "That's CD-R" from japan!

You can easily find this brand in every country i believe, if u dont u just gotta look harder!

They are the absolute BEST CDRs in the world, dont take my word for it, TRY it yourself and ask anyone whos used it! The build quality is awesome , plus i ve finished a whole spindle of 50 CDRs and NONE have any errors on them! everything plays smoothly, no burn error, and just the peace of mind that you wont fuck up your set coz the cd skips (provided you use a legit, legally bought MP3s mind you! those illegally posted mp3s can have sum issues on them!)

sometimes you can find these brand labelled as VERBATIM, read the label and check to see if it says "MADE IN JAPAN" coz if its made in japan most likely its Taiyo Yudens

or to be safe, just get the Taiyo Yuden Brand 'That's " CDR! Tried and tested!

i know there could be other reliable CDR medias out there, but Taiyo Yudens is the number one champion, hands down!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

DJ ZILCH: The Hard Trance mixtapes!

Okay for those of you who havent got it yet, here are my older (BUT GOODIES) Hard Trance mixtapes collection. They are copied and pasted from my website WWW.DJZILCH.COM so if you want more pls visit my main site!
Aniways here is some heavy dose of good ol' BASS BANGIN' German Hard Trance! Enjoy in high volumes :)

DJ Zilch: De.Ja.Vu
1. Sakin and Friends - For The Love Of Princess 2006 (rework)
2. Dominators - Jump (club mix)
3. Dave Joy - First Impression (sol ray & dark by design remix)
4. Derb - DFC (scot project remix)
5. Ronald Van Gelderen - F!LTH
6. DJ Wag - The Day Earth Caught Fire (dj wag mix)
7. Bas & Ram - Speed of Light (geoff whiteman remix)
8. DJ Centaury & DJ Synthetic - Ipanema (main mix)
9. Armin Van Buuren - Communication (jon langford remix)
10. Hennes & Cold - The Second Trip (alex kidd & dark by design remix)
11. NFX - No No Go For Launch (original mix)
12. Miss Shiva - Dreams (cosmic gate remix)

DJ Zilch: Old.Skool.Bass Vol.1
Angel One - Hold Me tonight (hennes&cold remix)
Rank 1 - Awakening (Cosmic Gate Remix)
DJ Snowman - ...and then they started to dance (Jamx & DeLeon's Dumonde remix)
Cosmic Gate - Back To Earth (SHOKK Remix)
DJ R Fishbone - Exploring (blutonium boy hardstyle mix)
Walt & Feliz - Expansion
Jurgen Vries - The Theme (DuMonde remix)
Ferry Corsten - Punk (cosmic Gate remix)
Wavetraxx - Das Boot 2003 (club mix)
Desperate Deejays - Energizer Reworked (dj dean & danny k remix)
Dave Joy - Second Chase
DJ Luca Antolini - Heat (original hardtrance mix)

DJ Zilch : 'January 2006 HardTrance Mix'
Dave 202 - Vulcania (Yoji Biomehanika Vs Romeo Tascani remix)
Kamui - Dropshot
Darude - Sandstorm (Dj Ray aka Tom Hafman Remix)
Ampire - MAD!
Derler & Klitzing - Symphony
Megara vs DJ Lee - Outside World (US. TEST remix)
DJ Wag - Life On Mars (Steve Hill Vs D10 remix)
Dave 202 - Vulcania (original mix)
Hennes & Cold - the Second Trip (Alex Kidd vs Dark By Design remix)
Bas & Ram - Speed Of Light (geoffrey whiteman REMIX)

DJ Zilch: Zilchified Vol.1
DJ Synthetic - Unknown
Antolini vs Montorsi - Seven Days
Technikal Presents Pierre Pienaar - Global Panic (original mix)
K complex & AMS - Achelon
Technikal - Summasault (phil york remix)
Sean Tyas - Mirella (Dave joy & van de traxx remix)
Phalanx - Symphony in G Minor (Sol-7 rmx)
Basic Dawn - Pure Thrust (nu nrg remix)
Callisto - Ways (geoff whiteman remix)
Fred Baker - The Jungle

DJ Zilch: Zilchified Vol.2
Vallo K - Club Sensation Anthem (zilch's RESIDENT EVIL intro edit)
Kain Marco - My Angel (dark by design's hell's bells mix)
Bas & Ram - BellsPhil York - Together in This Dream
DJ Tomcraft - Loneliness 2006 (hard trance remix)
Beam - On Your Mind (Sean Tyas hard dub)
DJ Dready-2 - Overdrive Your Speakers (ampire remix)
The Rush vs Thalamus - Shock Your Senses (DJ Busy Dark Mix)
Benjamin R - Hybrid (kamui mix)
DJ The Crow - Got Ya (uberdruck remix)
Uberdruck presents Drugface - Fill Me (dj the crow remix)
Randy Katana vs DJ Neo - Acid Louder

DJ Zilch : Zilchified Vol.3
Dave202 - Nuclear Device DJ
Random + Christonic - The Screamer
Deep Forces - Harder
Masif DJs - Universal Nation
Remo.Con - Streams (Dave202 remix)
Thalamus - Flash Forward (In Qontrol anthem)
Uberdruck Boys - W.O.T.W (war of the worlds)
DJ Hellraiser - Acid Noir (kamui viral outbreak mix)
JTB - I Need You (kamui remix)
Bas & Ram - Speed Of Light (original mix)
Tommy Pulse - Ghost Town
FatBoy Slim - Stars on 69 (2006 schranz remix)

DJ Zilch: Zilchified Vol.4
Kamui - dismissed
Mark Norman - Brasilia
Unknown - Control (dave joy? white label)
alf bamford - heartburn (dark by design remix)
Djane Mave - Boys & Girls (rapha remix)
FastFloor - Sirens of Time (uberdruck remix)
JTB - Intolerance DJ Merlin & DJ C-Bass - No Alternative
Base Jumper - The Day After (d-light remix)
Masif DJs - Children (Steve hill vs D10 remix)
No One Can Hear You (dark by design and McBunn original mix)
Pirates of The Carribean OST- He's a Pirate (dj Tiesto orchestra remix)
Sensation - The Anthem 2004 (DJ Ray aka Joy T Suko tech remix)
Marzz - Orbiter (Break Mechanic Remix)

DJ Zilch: Zilchified Vol.5
Tracklist:FJ Project - The Moon Revolution (stompin hardbass mix)
DJ Revibe - Bangin' (Vandall's Hard mix)
Symplex DSN - Skywalker (XLR project remix)
Ralph Novell vs Bas & Ram - Gigadance Anthem 2006
Nish - Acidy Overdrive (dave joy remix)
Tommy Pulse vs Fausto - Pirates
Nish - Blue Sunshine
Beam - Silent Tears (sean tyas remix)
DJ Sakin & friends - Braveheart 2006 (dj scot project remix)
Andrea Montorsi - Complicated
Vandall - Hypnotisin
Kan Cold - Restart
Invader & Vandall - Eye of the Storm (original mix)

DJ Zilch: Zilchified Vol.6
Vandall - Disco Biscuit
Cloudchaser - Trancebreak
DJ Merlin & DJ C-bass - The Human Spirit
Mike Phobos - Hard n Holy
Crusader - My House is your House (alphazone remix)
John Askew - Vandetta (John O'Callaghan remix)
Dave202 - Generate the Wave
Airbeat One Project - Airbeat One 2006
Axel Coon - Third Base (energy mix)
Yakooza - Cocaine (scot project 2006 remix)
Ralph Novell vs Bas & Ram - Powerstroke (elegance remix)
Dark Oscillators - Food for Woofers
Maresse - Ruff Enuff? (the 1st Anthem)

DJ Zilch: Zilchified Vol.7
01 DJ Luna - Mindspace
02 Derb - Satisfaktion (dj bonecrusher vs gary d remix)
03 Yakooza - Cocaine (dj zilch's cocaine overdose bootleg)
04 Astrix - On Fire!
05 DJ Dean - Kick the Bass (ampire remix)
06 Fred Baker vs Greg Nash - Lunar Eclipse
07 Vandall - If You Want (my love)
08 Travis Baxter - Heaven & Earth (chris & matt kidd remix)
09 U.S. Test - 20 Years Later
10 Marco V - Red Blue Purple
11 Bas & Ram - Alien Threat
12 Nash - Sagitarius (alphazone remix)
13 Vandall - Weapons of Destruction
14 Mike Heart - Sex Machine (dj isaac remix)
15 Donkey Rollers - Silver Bullet
16 Outro: The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)

DJ Zilch: Zilchified Vol.8
1. KA - Technologic
2. Niels Van Gogh - Pulverturm 2.0 (dj scot project remix)
3. Marcel Woods - Advanced (zilch bootleg)
4. U.S. Test - Magellan (zilch's control freak edit)
5. A*S*Y*S - Cheers (kamui remix)
6. DJ Scot Project - FM3
7. Dirt Devils - The Drill (dark by design remix)
8. Ruff Stuff - Warning
9. Dr Willis & Scott Alert - Go Away (kamui remix)
10. JK Walker - Survival EP (hard mix)
11. DERB - Attack!
12. Tatanka Project - Tripods Attack
13. Southstylers - Diztortion
14. Dark Oscillators - Superstar DJ
15. Outro: Walt Jannsen - Control +Walt + Del


CDJ-400 VS CDJ-800

Okay, when i first thought of buying the CDJ-400, i first thought: How would it compare to the CDJ-800MK2?

I just recently bought a pair of CDJ-400s together with the DJM-400 mixer, i am writing this so that the people who cant seem to decide between the 800s or the 400s can make up their mind before buying. My previous deck was a pair of CDJ-800MK2 and the DJM-600 so i can say i know the 800's inside out, and i have used the cdj-400 for about a month now, and this is what i think:

THE CDJ-400 Features that i like:
-USB and PC Connectivity
sure, hooking up your usb thumb drive or ipod might take AGES to load (you've been warned here!) but the PC connectivity of the CDJ-400 is just AWESOME. The fact that the deck has a built-in soundcard meaning you can hook up TWO CDJ-400s thru the usb port into your pc, and run software like the Pioneer DJS (TESTED), Virtual DJ6(TESTED) and Serato (Not Tested Yet) with native support. Although you'll lose the effects feature of the cdj-400, the load times and the playability in this mode is just EXCELLENT. This is good especially for those of you who are lazy to burn your CDs, you can just jam with your hard drive and then only burn the Choones that you really really really like just before the gig or something.

-The pioneer feel (okay, slightly plasticky pioneer feel, but hey its a pioneer!)
Ok, this unit might be a lot smaller than its older cousins, but it has the unmistakable pioneer feel. As with other pioneer things, everything is kept identical from previous models, making transition into the cdj-800 or 1000 really really easy. The bottom line is if you can mix with the CDJ-400, theres no reason why you cant mix on the 800s or 1000s. PERIOD. You can probably mix better on the 800s or 1000s coz they are bigger !

0.02 Pitch RESOLUTION on the 6% Pitch! And 0.05 on 10, 16 and so on. This is fucking fantastic!

-The Onboard Effects
ROLL is pretty cool, so is the loop cutter, auto loop etc. its just awesome to play with. The only bad thing is these things are only available on the 400, making it useless to get used to when your playing live coz most likely the decks you will find in the club is either the cdj-1000mk3 or cdj-800mk2. And yes they do have a reason for that, read on...

What i dont like about the CDJ-400

Ok, this thing is tiny. REAAAAL TINY. I actually find it really hard to get used to the size (having used the 800s for a loong time) and i feel like everything is squashed in together. The build is also a lot more plasticky than the 800s and especially the 1000s (built like a tank!) so i dont think it should be used for clubs or bars except the really small places or as extra decks or something. I still think the 1000s should be the standard for clubs and events! I also find it is a lot HARDER TO SCRATCH on these babies because the 400s are sooo damn small!

so yeah thats it

Overall, the cdj-400 is an awesome awesome unit, if its not for the size, it would have knocked down the CDJ-800Mk2 easily. it would be good to have HOT CUE tho, a thing thats lacking in both the 800s and 400s. other than the size, i really cant find anything wrong with these decks, and they are reasonably priced too.

GET THE CDJ-400 IF: You dont scratch, dont intend to learn to scratch in the future, and like having digital connectivity (USB/PC) with ur PC. Overall if you dont mind the size of its jogwheel, its a DAMN FANTASTIC UNIT with features comparable to the 1000 minues the hot cues and the big size and build.

GET THE CDJ-800MK2 IF: You Scratch (THE JOGWHEELS ARE FUCKING FANTASTIC on the 800s!) Or if you like bigger decks and size similiar to the 1000, get the 800. Keep in mind that the 800 is pretty plain (no effects, no connectivity, no fancy lights yada yada yada but then again some of us dont really need them)

Personally, i'd recommend getting the cdj-800 as a third scratching deck to compliment your pair of cdj-400s. One CDJ800MK2 plus TWO CDJ400s connected to a DJM-800 ---> AWESOME 3 Deck setup!

Monday, July 6, 2009

DJ ZILCH: The Joker & The Fool EP (Autumn 2007 Promo Mix)

Hey guys, this is a special mix that i did in 2007, its two CDs, the first cd is full on Electro-House and Tech-Trance CrossOver, while the second cd starts off Tech-Trance and builds up to bangin' German Hard Trance.
This is definitely one of the mixes that you shouldnt miss! A must in every ipod! :)


DJ Zilch: The Joker & The Fool EP (Autumn 07 Promo mix)

Chapter 1: The Joker - Filthy Electro/House
Orange Bud - The Riddle
Moby - Go (trentemoller remix)
John Morley - Naughty (klaas remix)
mason vs princess superstar - perfect exceeder
Gelle - Give it Back (dirty south dub mix)
Katcha - Touched by God (d.ramirez breaks mix)
Mark Mendes - His Music
DJ Mar.T - Opposite Sides (john dahlback remix)
David Tort - Droid
Terranova & Austin Leeds - Only You (elektro mix)
Alex Kenji & Marco Primucci - Cocaine Effects
Doktor feat. Alexander Perls - Starfire (electro original mix)
Phantom Project - Future (electro mix)
Vinny Troia & Jaidene Veda - Flow (terranova's starkillers remix)
The Killers - Mr. Brightside (scot project's bright blue purple mashed up remix)

Chapter 2: The Fool - Nu.Style.Hard.Dance
G-Spott - Sadness (Tribal Tech Mix)
Bart Claessen - When Morning Comes (rework)
Raul Cremona - Total Infection (Virus Pt.2)
John Marks - Carnival - Electro.Tech remix
Hennes & Cold - Pressure
Marcel Woods - Advanced (Scot Project Bootleg)
Abel Ramos - Electro Fun (digital poison remix)
Shy Brothers - Human Designs (scot project remix)
Sean Tyas - Lift (rework)
Monocore - Kisses of Fire
Substate - Release (Sa.Vee.Oh remix)
Ampire - Speedlimit
Tommy Pulse - Walhalla

Links to free download:

Dont forget to visit my main website at WWW.DJZILCH.COM ! :)



My previous Tech-Trance and Euphoric Trance Mixtapes to download

Here are some randomly choosen mixtapes that i did awhile ago, the majority of these ones are tech-trance and euphoric trance, so those who hate hardstyle will definitely love these mixes

Lately, these kind of styles are the ones i really love to mix out, i do love hard trance and hardstyle but my personal preference would be Tech-Trance and Euphoric Trance.

For those who love the techy stuff... my personal pick of the bunch is the Caffeine Vol.4 mixtape - DEFINITELY WORTH A LISTEN!

Aniways check these out for now and enjoy :)

DJ Zilch: Lost in trance vol.01
Link: Download
Emjay & The Atari Babies - Stimulate (dogzilla's depth charge remix)
Nic Chagall - Monday Bar
Gabriel & Dresden - Tracking Treasure Down (kyau vs albert remix)
O'Callaghan & Kearney - Exactly
Fragma - Radio Waves (ron van den beuken vocal remix)
Mark Norman - Brasilia
Above & Beyond - Can't Sleep (signum remix)
Bubble Fish aka G&M Project - Stars of Ibiza
Talla2XLC - Carry Me (martin roth full-on trance remix)
Mr. Sam Feat Kirsty Hawkshaw - Insight (aira force remix)
M.I.K.E. - Strange World (M.I.K.E. rework)

DJ Zilch: Caffeine Vol.7
Alex M.o.r.p.h. & Rank1 - Life Less Ordinary
Cara Dillon vs 2Devine - Black is The Colour (coco & green remix)
Cosmic Gate - Should've Known (wippenberg remix)
DJ NuSense - Twisted Rose
Arctic Monkeys - Sun Goes Down (sander van doorn remix)
Ferry Corsten - Watch Out (dirty south remix)
Carloo Resort - Tom Tom
Armin Van Buuren vs Rank1 feat. Kush - This World is Watching Me (cosmic gate remix) Stoneface & Terminal - Venus (marc marberg remix)
Kobbe, Belthazar & Jackrock - Moonshine
Genix - Bodyshokk
Marco V - False Light (scot project bootleg)
Pendulum - Out Here

Zilch - Lost In Trance : Summer 2007 (2xCD)
First upload: 24/11/2007
Kirsty Hawkshaw meets Tenishia - Reasons to Forgive (the blizzard remix)
Unknown - As The Playmo Comes
Super8 & DJ Tab - Needs To Feel (wippenberg remix)
Alex Morph & Rank1 - Life Less Ordinary (rafael frost remix)
Randy Katana - Sex
The Doppler Effect - Beauty Hides In The Deep (original mix)
Marcel Woods - New Feeling
Fragma - Toca's Miracle (Richard Durand remix)
Randy Katana - Another Wave
Cosmic Gate - A Body of Conflict
Divini & Warning - Chaib
Tiesto feat. BT - Break My Fall (richard durand remix)
Pascal Feliz - Platinum
The Prodigy - Smack My B#*ch Up (richard durand 2007 bootleg)

Intro: John O'Callaghan - Space & Time (John O'Callaghan's Intro Mix)
Simon Patterson - Bulldozer
Fred Baker & Greg Nash - Atlantis City
First & Andre - Cruiser (alex m.o.r.p.h. remix)
Raul Cremona & Fernando Ballesteros - Cocaine (nick larson remix)
Richard Durand - Sweep & Repeat (Sander Van Doorn re-edit)
Sean Tyas pres. Logistics - One More Night Out
Talla2xlc - No In Between (john o callaghan remix)
Ron Van Den Beuken - Alcatraz (robert burns remix)
Vincent de Moor - Fly Away (sean tyas remix)
unknown - Lost In Love (sean tyas remix)
Stoneface & Terminal - Megashira
Joop - The Future

DJ Zilch - Caffeine Vol.4
Link : Download
Fred Baker vs Greg Nash - Lunar Eclipse
Divini and Warning - 4LB
Exelios - World of Life (mac zimms remix)
Marco V - Red Blue Purple
4Strings - Take Me Away (mac zimms remix)
Marcel Woods - Cherry Blossom (TE2006 remix)
Cave - Plutonium (kobbe remix)
Mark Sherry pres. Outburst - Live and Learn
Marcel Woods - Advanced (bits & crushed remix)
Armin Van Buuren - Control Freak (Sander Vam Doorn remix)
CSI - Direct Dizko (Sander Van Doorn remix)
Mac & Mac - Listen (scott mac remix)
Abel Ramos - Electro Fun (e-craig remix)

DJ Zilch - Euphoric Vol.3
Link : Download
Thomas Bronzwaer - Shadow World (original mix)
Astralis - Solar Flare
Filterfunk - Message in a Bottle (sander van doorn remix)
Digital Nature and Brisky - Ocean Breeze
Armin Van Buuren - Sail (carl b's without hope remix)
Nu NRG - Casino (original mix)
Out Of The Past - Mystery (Fred Baker & Vincent Gorczak remix)
Randy Katana - Fancy Fair 2005 (fancy edit)
Ferry Corsten - Fire (ron van den beuken remix)
Thomas Bronzwaer - Close Horizon
Marco V - A Great Escape

DJ Zilch - Caffeine Vol.2
Link : Download
DJ Dean - Music Is My Life (Dave Joy rmx)
ASYS - Acid Flash
Dave 202 - Global Trance Anthem (jesselyn rmx)
Elegance - ImpactWalt - Plagas
Randy Katana - Play It Louder
Dark Alliance - Genetic
signum - second wave (2004 remake)
Armin Van Buuren ft. Jan Wayne - Serenity (signum remix)
Martin Roth - Shockwaves (technopunk rmx)
Jesselyn - Iron
Fred Baker vs Greg Nash - Electroshock
Sa.Vee.Oh - Disfunctionalism
Beam - Amun (Jamx & DeLeon's dumonde remix)

DJ Zilch: Lost in Trance Vol.03
Ronski Speed - Space We Are (john o' callaghan rmx)
Sean Tyas - LiftKyau vs Albert - Are You Fine?
Second Sun - Playground (nu nrg rmx)
Gareth Emery and Jon O Birch - No Way Back
Giuseppe Ottaviani - Your Eyes (thomas bronzwaer remix)
Solid Globe - Northpole vs Sahara (alex morph rmx)
Dogzilla - Without You (john o'callaghan remix)
Mike Foyle - Shipwrecked (sean tyas remix)
Goldenscan - Halcyon
The Thrillseekers - By Your Side (martin roth dub rmx)

DJ Zilch: Caffeine Vol.3
Anne Savage, Vinylgroover & RedHed - The Pod
Emjay & The Atari Babies - So Clear, Stimulate (dogzilla's depth charge remix)
Raoul Cremona - Virus
Dohlback & Krome - Murder was the bass (umek recycled remix)
Vinylgroover & the RedHed - Sweet Dreams
Dumonde - Tomorrow (ralph novell vs bas&ram rmx)
Sander Van Doorn - Punk'd (sean tyas remix)
Walt - Let The Music Play (hard minimal mix)
Jowan - Cab10
Igor S - Stop DJ (Shy Brothers remix)
Abel Ramos - Atasco (randy katana remix)
Bert Clayssen - Playmo


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Past Event: Hardstyle Climax @ Snow City (Singapore)

So on June 19th 2009 i was invited to play as a guest dj in "Hardstyle Climax" in Snow City Singapore (Jurong)
The event went really well, and apparently these kind of events (hard dance and shuffling themed) is kinda rare in singapore. Occasionally we have International DJs like YOJI and Kutski and but other than that the local hard dance scene is pretty non-existant (This is what im working on at the moment actually! haha!)
But i was glad to see the event went absolutely well, sponsored by snow city and MAGMUG.COM it was really good to see this kind of event in Singapore and im very certain that there will be loads more coming up~
BTW Congrats to the 1st winner JB ROCKAs all the way from malaysia for winning, and also all the participants who were on the comp, u guys all rock!
check out some videos on youtube, type in Hardstyle Climax and you'll see some videos the shufflers took during the event :)

R.I.P. Michael Jackson... OMG IT REALLY HAPPENED??

About two days ago i first heard the news that the KING OF POP, michael jackson recently passed away, aged 50. My initial response was "Whoa! what a cruel joke!" I really thought it
was just a hoax, i thought "nah it couldnt happen".

And then came more news, i opened up my mozilla firefox and the home page (i set yahoo at my home page) had the news all over. I was like WTF? IT REALLY HAPPENED? OH MY GOD!

I used to be a big fan of michael jackson back when i was a kid, "THRILLER" and "BAD" were the first two CASSETTE TAPES i bought (it was 1990 DUDE! no CDs or CDRs back then!)
i used to listen to them on my WALKMAN TAPE while riding my bicycle after school
i totally forgot about him later on tho, but i will always remember those two albums in my head, it brings me a lot of childhood memories lolz! And who can ever forget the NO GRAVITY LEAN on "smooth criminal"? and the moonwalk? damn those things were hectic back then!

so yeah, when i heard the news i was pretty shocked~
one of the things i always wanted to do since i was a kid was to watch a Michael Jackson CONCERT Live in person sitting on the front row~ i totally forgot about it, but now that it happened, it just strikes me that seems like i will never ever be able to do it, as he has just passed away

no more new albums, no more live tours, no more mj? oh my god it really happened


and funny enough it happened exactly one week after i was able to finish EXPERT MODE of "beat it" on Guitar Hero: World Tour for Wii...

R.I.P. Michael

you were an icon in music, i dont care what they say about you or the allegations, i totally respect you as a musician and for your talent
always have and always will!



Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome to... Singapore?

So here i am for the past few months of my life, in the nice sunny city of Singapore!

Well since i left sydney in late 2008, that's where i've been most of the time (other than indonesia or taiwan actually

Well... my family relocated to singapore after i moved to australia a long time ago, so i cant say im very familiar with singapore at all, in fact i didnt know anything much bout singapore till i actually moved here!

Ah well, so here's what i find interesting about singapore:

-It's an ENGLISH speaking country! (sort of~!) well unlike in taiwan where you are likely to get lost without speaking the local language, in Singapore you'll do just fine~

-The local food! NASI LEMAK, ROTI PRATA, and of course CHICKEN CHOP~ to be honest i've never heard of CHICKEN CHOP before i got here... so what is it? well basically its chicken fillet on a steak sauce, pretty good stuff actually hahaha

-the clubs close earlier than it is in australia: In singapore clubs either close at 3am or even way earlier, whats up with that? in sydney we have impulse! 10pmto10am! yay! lolz

-its a very metro city: Its a country of good economy, lots of good shopping spots, very CLEAN and VERY SAFE!

u kno what i think im gonna like it over here~ hahaha

the only thing tho- the air and the humidity, its bloody hot in here!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Post!

Since i left sydney in late 2008 i have been travelling HEAPS and have had the opportunity to dj in some very interesting gigs in some very interesting countries, met interesting people and ate interesting food. So far its been... well... Interesting! LOLZ

Well i decided to start this blog because of my jetlags and the inability to sleep at night due to different timezones or just plain insomnia~ my mind would be full of creativity and i decided hey why not just type em out so i can read them myself and also other people might find interest in them?