Saturday, June 27, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson... OMG IT REALLY HAPPENED??

About two days ago i first heard the news that the KING OF POP, michael jackson recently passed away, aged 50. My initial response was "Whoa! what a cruel joke!" I really thought it
was just a hoax, i thought "nah it couldnt happen".

And then came more news, i opened up my mozilla firefox and the home page (i set yahoo at my home page) had the news all over. I was like WTF? IT REALLY HAPPENED? OH MY GOD!

I used to be a big fan of michael jackson back when i was a kid, "THRILLER" and "BAD" were the first two CASSETTE TAPES i bought (it was 1990 DUDE! no CDs or CDRs back then!)
i used to listen to them on my WALKMAN TAPE while riding my bicycle after school
i totally forgot about him later on tho, but i will always remember those two albums in my head, it brings me a lot of childhood memories lolz! And who can ever forget the NO GRAVITY LEAN on "smooth criminal"? and the moonwalk? damn those things were hectic back then!

so yeah, when i heard the news i was pretty shocked~
one of the things i always wanted to do since i was a kid was to watch a Michael Jackson CONCERT Live in person sitting on the front row~ i totally forgot about it, but now that it happened, it just strikes me that seems like i will never ever be able to do it, as he has just passed away

no more new albums, no more live tours, no more mj? oh my god it really happened


and funny enough it happened exactly one week after i was able to finish EXPERT MODE of "beat it" on Guitar Hero: World Tour for Wii...

R.I.P. Michael

you were an icon in music, i dont care what they say about you or the allegations, i totally respect you as a musician and for your talent
always have and always will!