Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome to... Singapore?

So here i am for the past few months of my life, in the nice sunny city of Singapore!

Well since i left sydney in late 2008, that's where i've been most of the time (other than indonesia or taiwan actually

Well... my family relocated to singapore after i moved to australia a long time ago, so i cant say im very familiar with singapore at all, in fact i didnt know anything much bout singapore till i actually moved here!

Ah well, so here's what i find interesting about singapore:

-It's an ENGLISH speaking country! (sort of~!) well unlike in taiwan where you are likely to get lost without speaking the local language, in Singapore you'll do just fine~

-The local food! NASI LEMAK, ROTI PRATA, and of course CHICKEN CHOP~ to be honest i've never heard of CHICKEN CHOP before i got here... so what is it? well basically its chicken fillet on a steak sauce, pretty good stuff actually hahaha

-the clubs close earlier than it is in australia: In singapore clubs either close at 3am or even way earlier, whats up with that? in sydney we have impulse! 10pmto10am! yay! lolz

-its a very metro city: Its a country of good economy, lots of good shopping spots, very CLEAN and VERY SAFE!

u kno what i think im gonna like it over here~ hahaha

the only thing tho- the air and the humidity, its bloody hot in here!