Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Traktor 2.6.1 is Out with FREE Key Detection!


Straight from Berlin - The Traktor Pro DJ Software has recently been updated to the latest version for both Mac OSX and Windows Platform

What’s new in TRAKTOR 2.6.1?

  • Key detection
  • Downbeat detection
  • Collection metadata synchronization with TRAKTOR DJ
  • Various fixes and improvements

Traktor users get a minor yet significant update today with the release of Traktor Pro 2.6.1

Traktor adopts the 'Open Key' Notation as opposed to the Camelot wheel found in its competitor

This update includes one unexpected (oh Native Instruments you sneaky you!) FREE feature - Key detection of all your Traktor Library songs!

This means that you can (to some extend - depending on how accurate their algorithm is) find out the musical key signature pretty easily and conveniently without the use of any external program.

If you sort your playlist by Key, the column is color coded to follow the Open Key Notation!

When I installed the update Traktor automatically scans and updates my whole library and added a new ID3 column "Key Text" - this process may take some time (about 20-30 minute in my case in which case I just left it open while I made coffee). As illustrated above, Traktor uses the Open Key notation which is essentially a simplified circle of fifth, very very similar to the camelot wheel system used in its competitor software 'Mixed in Key' - BUT FREE!!

As a user of Mixed in Key (which costs USD $58) I find this extra feature to be AMAZING considering it is FREE, and it seems to be pretty much on PAR with Mixed In Key's detection according to my early test... Yes it works well!!

And the bonus is that now that the key detection is built into Traktor's system, there is no need to drag and drop songs into Mixed in key - everything is done in the system which enables a much faster work flow in song preparation!

Native Instruments - you've just made the best featured DJing software even better! (Now that I am also an owner of the Pioneer DDJ-SX with Serato I am allowed to make that statement - feature wise Traktor just knocks down Serato, hands down there is no comparison!)

And... Introducing the Traktor DJ iPad app!

There is now one portion of the settings page of Traktor 2.6.1 which links your traktor library to the new iPad Traktor APP integation!

And guess what... with a firmware upgrade now you are able to use your Native Instruments Audio 6 / Audio 10 sound cards with your iPad for multiple, super high quality outputs!!!

Yes that means you can have a full, high quality, loud stereo output while having a separate headphone cue channel in full stereo - is the iPad/Tablet the future that will one day replace laptops? Perhaps its a sign as It is definitely getting closer!

Traktor Owners can simply log into Native Instruments website or open the Service Centre to enjoy this update!

Traktor DJ iPad app is available for USD $19.99 in the iPad APP Store