Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Software! Serato DJ Intro - It's like Serato... LE version??

From Serato Website:

Serato introduces their "LE" edition of Serato Scratch Live DJ Software - "Serato DJ Intro"

For now, Serato DJ Intro 1.0.1 supports the following controllers free of charge:
  • Numark MixDeck
  • Numark MixDeck Express
  • Numark MixTrack Pro
  • Vestax Typhoon
  • Vestax VCI-100 Mk II
  • And more
Which means if you own any of those controllers, you are able to use Serato DJ Intro FREE! (Which is pretty cool - serato used to be  'exclusive' and full functionality only unlocked by plugging the SL1/2/3 hardware which acted as a 'security dongle')

The software itself seems to use the above controllers as the new dongles to unlock the functionality of the Serato DJ Intro software. 

Previously people only have the option of using the very limited Traktor LE and the Virtual DJ Le - now if you really must use Serato  (for some reason)- You Can! 

Serato Scratch Live is a very very popular DJ software, personally in Singapore I have observed many of the local resident DJs using Serato as the majority, as Traktor Scratch starts to become more and more common, these two companies are really going head to head with each other!

More Info and FREE Download (for supported controllers) HERE

So there you go

Expect to see the lower end gear like Mixtrack Pro and Vestax Typhoon selling like hotcakes now that Serato can be used on them!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

New Steinberg Midi Controllers for Cubase!

Just saw this:

WOW! Looks Great! Priced at USD$149 - $199 each this could be an AWESOME investment for Cubase users!

Dont we all hate doing volume automations with the mouse? Yes it sucks! So depending on what you need, you can add one (or a few - or ALL) of these modular mini midi controllers and build up the  "Perfect Controller" - tailored to suit your needs!

This is a really really great IDEA from steinberg! Ableton has many controllers built just for it (The Akai APC series, the Novation Launchpad), now its time for Cubase to get some love as well!

Really excited about these products!

More Videos:

Monday, September 19, 2011

Macbook Pro 8GB Ram Upgrade Review!


Okay today I just decided that I'm going to max out my 2010 Macbook Pro's Ram - To 8GB!

So I went to the local electronics market (Sim Lim Square in Singapore!) And picked these up - just for SGD $70!!!

It's the Strontium MAC high-performance Memory - specially made for Apple Products!
I got 2 x 4GB DDR3 1066mhz for $35 a piece - so totals at SGD$70!!!

What A Bargain!!

So now my Macbook Pro's info page shows this:

2010 Macbook Pro 13 Inch

And Did I notice significant improvement in 8GB vs 4GB? 

Honestly,  and surprisingly, yes!

I was a bit skeptical about it because most of the programs I run are still pretty much running in 32 bit mode (Traktor Scratch 2, Ableton Live Suite 8) While some others support full 64bit mode (Cubase 6 , Logic 9)

Truth is - Even Traktor runs noticeable smoother now with 8GB ram - I really dont understand why, seeing that Traktor is supposedly a 32Bit native program that can only support 4GB Ram max?

The same with Ableton Live, I tried loading my final project session file (my Raise Your Weapon Remix I did for my school - previous post) which is very very resource heavy, The Ableton Live session file opened faster than before and I did not get as many spinning beach ball waiting icon as much as before!

So those of you who have always been thinking of upgrading your ram to 8GB - DO IT NOW! It is very well worth the price! Ram prices are lower than ever these days, just make sure you dont upgrade from Apple directly as you will get ripped off!

I would definitely recommend the Strontium MAC Memory!

Oh and...

What Did I do with the 4GB of Ram that was originally in the Macbook Pro...?

My iMac 2009 accepts the spare RAMs from MBP!! No wastage! :D

I put it on my iMac! So now both my iMac desktop and my Macbook Pro has 8GB of DDR3 Ram!!! All for one low price of $70 :D

Yes as long as the speed matches (and they use the same socket - check first! my iMac is 2009 make and my MBP is 2010)  - Macbook Pro rams are interchangable with iMac Rams!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Deadmau5 - Raise Your Weapon (Ivan Zilch Remix) - My Cover!

Hey guys check out my cover/remix of Deadmau5 - Raise Your Weapon!
this is my final project for my audio engineering diploma at SAE Institute

and yes - I re-recorded the vocals with a vocalist here, the drums are also recorded/sampled on SAE Institute Singapore

 Raise Your Weapon Cover/Remix (V5 Mastered) by Ivan Zilch

Monday, September 5, 2011

Native Instruments MASCHINE Mikro - The mini maschine drum pads!!

Maschine now has a smaller version!
I dont know if i would buy this, as it seems to have much smaller screen and much less knobs - If i am going for a maschine I guess I would go for the full sized one?

But hey priced at just $399(USD) this is really a great deal!!
Comes with Komplete 7 elements as well!

Zelda : The Lost Woods Dubstep Rap version! This is so cool!

So im pretty much a Zelda die-hard fan, i even named my daughter Zelda! (lol seriously)

Remember the lost woods theme in Ocarina of Time? Well you've never heard it like this!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Eh? Another Pioneer midi controller? (+Videos!)

DJ Gear companies have started to resolve to a new kind of marketing, teasing the consumers with well-hidden teaser videos while keeping most in secrecy (the S4, the twitch and the list goes on!)

This time its a new... Pioneer controller! And to make way for this Pioneer has dropped the prices of their DDJ-S1 and DDJ-T1 controllers, now the DDJ-S1 is priced at just $999 USD in the states! (Not sure about worldwide though)

Those who always wanted the DDJ-S1(Serato Itch Controller) and though it was too expensive should seek out the $999 lowered price in the stores! It sucks that in Singapore the price is not reduced at all ! Over here its still about SGD$1850 (around USD$1400 in US currency !). If the DDJ-S1 was priced $999 from the start I think it would have enjoyed a much bigger popularity and fanbase than they do now!

If you havent seen the videos... (Update! 2nd New Video showing it in action!)

Oh and some still photo captures!