Friday, September 2, 2011

Eh? Another Pioneer midi controller? (+Videos!)

DJ Gear companies have started to resolve to a new kind of marketing, teasing the consumers with well-hidden teaser videos while keeping most in secrecy (the S4, the twitch and the list goes on!)

This time its a new... Pioneer controller! And to make way for this Pioneer has dropped the prices of their DDJ-S1 and DDJ-T1 controllers, now the DDJ-S1 is priced at just $999 USD in the states! (Not sure about worldwide though)

Those who always wanted the DDJ-S1(Serato Itch Controller) and though it was too expensive should seek out the $999 lowered price in the stores! It sucks that in Singapore the price is not reduced at all ! Over here its still about SGD$1850 (around USD$1400 in US currency !). If the DDJ-S1 was priced $999 from the start I think it would have enjoyed a much bigger popularity and fanbase than they do now!

If you havent seen the videos... (Update! 2nd New Video showing it in action!)

Oh and some still photo captures!