Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Future Music: In The Studio With Marcel Woods (and WALT!)

I just found these videos on youtube, pretty much its the trance maestro Marcel Woods (and his studio sidekick Walt AKA Walt Janssen from SHOWTEK, yeah the Hardstyle producer!) doing their thang in the studio, explaining their workflow, how they process stuff when making hit trance tunes etc

I was a very big fan of Marcel Woods' productions in the past, and also some of Walt's hard-dance production were kick-ass! So this video is very informative and interesting, especially if you are into production and trance music!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Traktor Kontrol S2 - So It is True!

See? I Told you something was coming!
If you remember about two posts ago I kinda predicted (from years of owning Native Instruments products) that there will be a new product to fill in the gap between the Kontrol S4 and the Kontrol X1

Well this is it? Kinda dissapointed that it is pretty much an S4 put into a chopping block and made into 2 decks, was hoping at least larger jogwheels or something? I hope they also introduce a new X2 or something?

More news here from a dutch website!

UPDATE! Now We Have a Video!

More Info from Native Instruments' Official Site! Click HERE for all the juicy details!

Deadmau5 - ALL CAPS RAGE! Smashed a Kontrol X1 into pieces XD

What happens if a Kontrol X1 doesn't work? Well deadmau5 goes on an ALL CAPS RAAAAAGE

Wait till the end of the first video to see him pick up the controller and going crazy! LoL!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

KBCOVERS Traktor Pro 2 Overlay!

Holy Crap! Look at what I just won!
So I was checking out the all-new KBCovers Traktor Pro 2 Overlay online, and went to their facebook page, it must be my lucky day because i was the #2000 person to click "Like" (see screen cap below!!)

What did I win? The uber-awesome new Traktor Pro 2 OVERLAY!!

Review is coming up when I receive the item! This is so cool!

If you guys wanna check it out this is the link to KBCOVERS where you can buy the high-quality macbook pro overlay for Traktor Pro 2, pretty much useful because everything is NEATLY labelled with ALL the Traktor Pro 2 hotkeys!

KBCovers on Facebook

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Free Traktor Pro 2 Software with every Kontrol X1 purchases! New hardware coming?

As you may already heard, Native Instruments is giving away FREE Traktor Pro 2 software to those who purchase The X1 until September 30th...

The question is... Does it mean...


If you see the patterns of Native Instruments product release, they tend to do massive sales just before they discontinue a product or introduce a product that is superior to the older one, EXAMPLES:

  • Traktor Scratch Pro / Duo 50% off sale before discontinuing the Audio4/Audio8 DJ interfaces along with discontinuing the older Traktor Scratch Sets and then introducing the new Audio6/Audio10 soundcards?
  • Komplete 7 Upgrade 50% Off sales (VERY RECENTLY!) before they introduce the new KOMPLETE 8 sets
See the pattern here? Does this mean we will see a cool new Traktor controller? 
If my guess is right then pretty soon we will see some teaser videos (well edited and produced to show off just the right amount of hint but not enough to be totally clear - remember that Dubfire video with the S4? LOL!) and then they will introduce some new gear - Who knows? Maybe? 

Either way I can't say Im not excited to see new if there's any new NI Hardware, with the launch of Twitch 2.0 perhaps they feel the need to step their game up even further and introduce some cool new gadgets - perhaps a compact 2 deck controller to compete with the popular Novation Twitch?? 

Currently the Traktor S4 is their top-of-the-line, fully loaded 4 deck controller, and the X1 is a supplementary controller designed to be used with additional gear, not really to be used by itself, perhaps they would introduce a controller that fits between these two gaps? As I said before, maybe a fully featured 2-deck controller with a smaller size footprint with no jogwheels? Hey We are all speculating here hahaha

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Propellerheads REBIRTH for the iPad!

Has anyone seen this video? 

Damn, im gonna buy it now at the app shop!!!

Check out 8 minutes onwards on the video above for some cool filter automations lol!

Here's another cool video showcasing the classic 303 sound:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

WD's new 9.5mm Scorpio Blue 1TB laptop hard drive

Western Digital Came out with the 1TB 9.5mm internal hard drive for laptops recently...

What's really surprising is, although it is a 5400RPM hard drive, benchmarks showed that despite its massive size it actually outperforms the smaller size 500GB Western Digital Scorpio BLACK which runs at a faster speed of 7200RPM!


With an RRP of USD$99 - this is a GRRRREAT upgrade for those who are still stuck with their stock 250GB/320GB hard drives, as it gives a substantial extra storage capacity and also speed boost at the same time - at a really great price! Of course you wont get the ultra-fast Solid-State-Drive speed, but for $99 everyone who needs the extra space should really upgrade now!

Source: Engadget
Benchmark Source: HotHardware

Monday, August 1, 2011

Native Instruments Komplete 8 Out Soon!!!

Holy Shit!!!

If you have ever dabbled in production chances are you have heard of or used the uber-awesome software synths/instruments by native instruments such as MASSIVE , Absynth, FM8 and Battery

Komplete 8 is a new and updated complete package of the whole lot - there is even a more premium bundle called KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE Which comes with its own external hard drive for self-storage! Considering the full installation takes up to 240GB - that's a great idea!!