Tuesday, August 2, 2011

WD's new 9.5mm Scorpio Blue 1TB laptop hard drive

Western Digital Came out with the 1TB 9.5mm internal hard drive for laptops recently...

What's really surprising is, although it is a 5400RPM hard drive, benchmarks showed that despite its massive size it actually outperforms the smaller size 500GB Western Digital Scorpio BLACK which runs at a faster speed of 7200RPM!


With an RRP of USD$99 - this is a GRRRREAT upgrade for those who are still stuck with their stock 250GB/320GB hard drives, as it gives a substantial extra storage capacity and also speed boost at the same time - at a really great price! Of course you wont get the ultra-fast Solid-State-Drive speed, but for $99 everyone who needs the extra space should really upgrade now!

Source: Engadget
Benchmark Source: HotHardware