Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Free Traktor Pro 2 Software with every Kontrol X1 purchases! New hardware coming?

As you may already heard, Native Instruments is giving away FREE Traktor Pro 2 software to those who purchase The X1 until September 30th...

The question is... Does it mean...


If you see the patterns of Native Instruments product release, they tend to do massive sales just before they discontinue a product or introduce a product that is superior to the older one, EXAMPLES:

  • Traktor Scratch Pro / Duo 50% off sale before discontinuing the Audio4/Audio8 DJ interfaces along with discontinuing the older Traktor Scratch Sets and then introducing the new Audio6/Audio10 soundcards?
  • Komplete 7 Upgrade 50% Off sales (VERY RECENTLY!) before they introduce the new KOMPLETE 8 sets
See the pattern here? Does this mean we will see a cool new Traktor controller? 
If my guess is right then pretty soon we will see some teaser videos (well edited and produced to show off just the right amount of hint but not enough to be totally clear - remember that Dubfire video with the S4? LOL!) and then they will introduce some new gear - Who knows? Maybe? 

Either way I can't say Im not excited to see new if there's any new NI Hardware, with the launch of Twitch 2.0 perhaps they feel the need to step their game up even further and introduce some cool new gadgets - perhaps a compact 2 deck controller to compete with the popular Novation Twitch?? 

Currently the Traktor S4 is their top-of-the-line, fully loaded 4 deck controller, and the X1 is a supplementary controller designed to be used with additional gear, not really to be used by itself, perhaps they would introduce a controller that fits between these two gaps? As I said before, maybe a fully featured 2-deck controller with a smaller size footprint with no jogwheels? Hey We are all speculating here hahaha