Saturday, June 27, 2009

Past Event: Hardstyle Climax @ Snow City (Singapore)

So on June 19th 2009 i was invited to play as a guest dj in "Hardstyle Climax" in Snow City Singapore (Jurong)
The event went really well, and apparently these kind of events (hard dance and shuffling themed) is kinda rare in singapore. Occasionally we have International DJs like YOJI and Kutski and but other than that the local hard dance scene is pretty non-existant (This is what im working on at the moment actually! haha!)
But i was glad to see the event went absolutely well, sponsored by snow city and MAGMUG.COM it was really good to see this kind of event in Singapore and im very certain that there will be loads more coming up~
BTW Congrats to the 1st winner JB ROCKAs all the way from malaysia for winning, and also all the participants who were on the comp, u guys all rock!
check out some videos on youtube, type in Hardstyle Climax and you'll see some videos the shufflers took during the event :)