Friday, July 10, 2009

The Best CDR for DJing purpose?

CDR's? Are you serious you might ask?

Okay, these days who uses CD's aniway? Nobody really carries discmans around anymore, they are replaced by ipods or mp3 players. Nobody really burns music cds anymore (except for djs!) coz they just play the mp3 files straight away. Nobody burns data into CD anymore, coz these days 600MB aint much compared to 4.7GB DVD's. Got small files to transport between PCs? Then people use USB THUMB DRIVES!

Seriously, who still use CDs these days??

the DJS!

Picture this,
you are standing in front of 500 people, they are all eager to witness the legendary "insert dj name here" everyone was so hyped about. You prepared a killer mash-up intro to impress the audience, you insert the cdr you just burnt the night before into the pioneer cdj-1000 they have on the club, you press play. Everyone in the audience clap their hands to the first few beats of the intro, they are all loving it! The lasers start to shoot out crazy beams and the focus is on you. And then, 4 minutes into the song......

the cd skips
people start taking videos of the incident, as the others started booing and throwing bottles at you, and you thought "FUCK this is soooo gonna be on youtube!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
suddenly, things dont look so pretty anymore....

So, the importance of a good CDR media.... now you get the idea!

Im starting to think that the majority of blank CDR media buyers are DJS Using Pioneer CDJS, so next time you see someone buying a 100-pack spindle of CDR's, smile and say "hey, what style do you play!" LOLZ!!!

aniways that was sort of out of the topic, the main issue is to FIND THE BEST CDR for burning purposes

when i said BEST i mean:

-Low or ZERO Fail burning error

-DURABILITY of the media (long lasting, holds the data for a long long period of time etc)

-Quality and build (some CDRs just look like they snap sooo easily and they are so thin you can see what you wrote on the front of the CD... FROM THE BACK!! - try it!)

-Trusted name that everyone swears on

From personal experience, i tried EVERY BRAND there is , from SONY to TDK to maxwell to DSE to Australia Post... everything... and i have mixed results

I have particularly bad experience with a batch of SONY CDRs... 8 out of 10 CDS Were FUCKED UP! Like seriously DOOD.... 8 out of 10 CDRS? I have kept the rest of the pack (i bought the 50 spindle) and and worried bout using them for DJing purposes (OR ANY PURPOSE!) coz they are sooo unreliable

some of the CDRS i burnt cant play the first track (and the first track only, WTF?)
some of the CDRs i burnt cant play at all (on the pioneer CDJS)

and i used more than one burner and got the same results (ie they all produce fukt up CDs)

at the end, after reading thru hundreds of pages of web forums for recommendations, and after trying it for myself, one brand stood out...

its... TAIYO YUDEN aka "That's CD-R" from japan!

You can easily find this brand in every country i believe, if u dont u just gotta look harder!

They are the absolute BEST CDRs in the world, dont take my word for it, TRY it yourself and ask anyone whos used it! The build quality is awesome , plus i ve finished a whole spindle of 50 CDRs and NONE have any errors on them! everything plays smoothly, no burn error, and just the peace of mind that you wont fuck up your set coz the cd skips (provided you use a legit, legally bought MP3s mind you! those illegally posted mp3s can have sum issues on them!)

sometimes you can find these brand labelled as VERBATIM, read the label and check to see if it says "MADE IN JAPAN" coz if its made in japan most likely its Taiyo Yudens

or to be safe, just get the Taiyo Yuden Brand 'That's " CDR! Tried and tested!

i know there could be other reliable CDR medias out there, but Taiyo Yudens is the number one champion, hands down!