Thursday, July 16, 2009

One Piece anyone?

So im in taiwan at the moment and to kill time, i've been watching alot of animes. I always loved anime! I just didnt have much time to actually watch them the past few years, now that i actually got sum time to kill i guess its time to catch up on some good ol' japanese anime!
One particular show that i really find interesting is ONE PIECE. Its an anime about pirates and myths and stuff, it stars a straw hat wearing funny dude called "Monkey D Luffy" (weird name?) who is pretty much a japanese version of Plasticman (does anyone else remember this old skool american show???)
Yeh so aniways the show is heaps funny, and its not very serious at all, its very casual and easy to digest, the scenes are mostly very humorous and entertaining and not too heavy on the politics etc (from what i think!) Yeah so if anyone got time to kill and loves anime, you cant go wrong with One Piece.
Warning: This show is fucking addictive and theres like hundreds and hundreds of episodes!!