Sunday, November 8, 2009

Burning CD's for djing - So yesterday?

Seems like not so long ago i still use CD's as a predominant media for mixing, as in i use pioneer CDJ's and in order to do so i burn my music into CD's. I always hated the whole burning/print cover/find perfect space in cd wallet thing~ Especially worse is when you are looking for a certain track in a huge pile of CD Wallets in a dark club~ Have u ever had this situation? You just tought of a perfect tune to SEIZE THE MOMENT~ Yet...  you missed the chance coz you cant find it!!!  *UGH! BURNING CD IS SO LAME*

These days i use serato scratch live and also recently: Traktor. After buying the traktor scratch duo set and upgrading the software to PRO, i can definitely see myself as a traktor fanboy (OMG?!! I always thought i loved serato??)

But now, just the thought of having to burn cds, print stuff, stick on cd, arrange cd wallet, is holding me off from using CDs with CDJS ever again~ i mean i will still bring my cd wallets just in case (in case my laptop crashes of course!) but for newer stuff i dont think i'd be bothered to burn them into CD's?   So these days i reckon DVS + laptop + CDJS/TURNTABLE is the way to go,  its the way of the future!  DOnt forget to bring your cd wallet tho, coz no matter how good ur laptop/dvs/cdj,  any of these crash so just be safe....