Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why traktor is so awesome

Things i Love about Traktor at the moment:

-Being able to personalise my crates with cover art etc - The Crate flick option really reminds me of the good old days when i was spinning vinyls! I digitised a lot of my vinyls into mp3 and i attached the actual vinyl cover pic (obtained from discogs coz i CBF'd scanning one by one). Its a long and painstaking process but at the end its worth it! Now my traktor Crate Collection looks FUCKING AWESOME, each got their own actual covers as they were in their vinyl form! I just gotta makes sure i backup everything into an external hard drive coz Losing your BeatGRIDDED/HotCued/CoverAdded Tracks would really really SUCK!

-The Hotcues. 8 of them! I heard you could get more but u wont be able to access only 8 hotcues, but as a marker use i guess u can get up to 20 of them or something? i think i saw a video on youtube mentioning it. I personally hotcue the different parts of the song ie: intro , main part, breakdown, start of choruz, lead, outro, stuff like that. And the fact that you can label the hotcues is pretty damn cool too! Very nice to get organised!

At the moment this is how i roll in traktor: I create a playlist where only GRIDDED, HotCued, Labelled, Cover Art embedded Tracks are inside. It really really takes a lot of time and effort to do this one by one on each song but at the end i got a CRATE which i know inside out, got some pretty pictures on the cover, gridded, and stored with hotcues (and labelled appropriately ie intro, mainpart, breakdown etc) - Very handy indeed! For those who like to get organised :) It will take a looooooooooooong long time for me to do this to ALL my tracks ~ (heck, i wont even do it to all, i'll just choose the good ones, sometimes having too many tracks distract you aniway!) But i guess it will come in handy!