Saturday, October 16, 2010

This video made me pre-order a Traktor Kontrol S4... :D

Ok so i put my pre-order for one of these bad boys... As soon as i receive them a review is in order!!!

Been thinking bout getting them for awhile, but that video above sort of made me pull the trigger - im extremely happy with the build quality of the NI Kontrol X1 (what a tank!), that also convinces me that Native Instruments stuff are bulletproof (except for that X1 tea-time glitch thingie, which was a software thing by the way) so - what the heck, pre-ordered!!!!

DJTECHTOOLS is selling the S4 at $899 with a free ean golden tutorial DVD , The NI Shop is selling them for $999, you can make your pre-orders if you want to , they will ship from early November i think...

Cant Wait!!