Thursday, October 14, 2010

Native Instruments Kontrol X1 'Tea Time' FX knob bug!!

I just came across this weird glitch in the forums, i tried it and realised that my X1 also had the same thing, SHOCKING!!! Try doing it and see if you also have the same glitch:

Native Instruments refers to this glitch as the "tea time" glitch, as it happens when the knobs are at arounbd 5 o'clock position (hahaha get it? tea time!)

There are 8 fx knobs in the NI Kontrol X1 (4 for FX bank 1 and 4 for FX bank 2), fire up Traktor Pro, turn all 7 knobs (any 7 knobs will do) to MAXIMUM (5 O'clock position) and then watch the knobs indicator on the computer screen while you slowly increase the 8th knobs to maximum... if you have a "defective unit" then once the 8th knobs hit maximum, all 7 other knobs are gonna jump around frantically like you just pressed a non-existant "randomize" button!!!

If you can successfully turn the 8th knob to maximum (5 o clock position), back and forth without any glitches, then you got the "Good Batch" !!!

Do not worry, if you own one of these defective units, Native Instruments will gladly replace them for you - free of charge, they will give you a brand new unit, they'll even refund you the shipping fees! (you need to either send it back to them or bring it back to the retailer - i chose the latter). You will need a proof of purchase/receipt for this replacement, as Native Instruments would want to see your receipt before sending you a brand new unit, so if you bought an exported set from ebay, you MAY be stuck with a defective unit!!

I personally bought the unit from Valentine's Music Centre in singapore - great shop with excellent customer service , i went thru two other Kontrol X1's in the shop (both had the same problem) until i found the proper one - so im pretty sure there are A LOT of X1s out there that are affected by this same problem, i checked the other forums and seems like a lot of other people have the same issue. Native Instruments seemed to handle this professionally and quickly by replacing all units affected - so just make sure you check if your unit is one of the bad batch and get your replacement!

To be perfectly honest, if no one had pointed to me the "tea time glitch" i wont probably notice it at all, like who would turn on all effect knobs on maximum? Not many! You cant probably hear the song anymore with that many effects in one song! Im also thinking that many of the people with the "bad batch" of X1 probably dont even know that they have this problem, as they probably have never maxed up all the fx knobs at the same time - but its always good to know that you have a good batch rather than the bad ones :)

Weird K1 effect knobs problem