Saturday, October 2, 2010

AKAI MPK Mini - Very affordable AKAI Goodness in a small package!!

ZOMG! This looks really good! I own a pair of Akai LPD8's and for the price, they delivered a product that works very well and also very very well built - much better built than the KORG Nano series. This awesome looking new product seems to combine the goodness of both AKAI LPD8 and the AKAI LPK25 into one very small affordable thing - say hello to the The AKAI MPK Mini!

If you dont already have the Akai LPD8 or the MPK25, this will be on the Mega-Awesome-Value MUST BUY list whether you need a midi controller for your DVS, for your DAW, or a bit of both! The street price is said to be around USD$99 only! These babies will be out by Q4 2010 - this will be a solid purchase!

I can already imagine the possibilities of mapping this with Traktor Scratch Pro, so many buttons and knobs in one little device!

Link: Akai Website