Thursday, October 21, 2010

So i finally bought an iPhone 4 32GB...

I was one of those people who thought that "meh - i dont need an iphone"... The only experience i had with the iPhone was with the old iPhone 3G - the battery was pathetic and the camera was a shameful 2MP, plus i already have so many iPods so while other people went nuts over the 3GS - I skipped it altogether and bought a Nokia E72 instead. I liked the ironman battery of the e72, the physical qwerty keyboard, and the 5MP camera.

However, one day, i went to my local telco Singtel to check on something, and by accident....

Phone Company Staff: Sir, your phone contract is about to expire! Would you like the iPhone 4 32GB at a ridiculously low price of just SGD $300? *wink wink* If yes you can have it right Now... Now... Now... Now.. (echoes...)

Me: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............................  *Long Pause*
(watching the super long queue of people trying to get a hold of an iPhone 4 in the singtel shop)

Note: *in singapore iPhones are constantly sold out, even months after it was released, they still sell like hot cakes and gone within seconds!*

Me: (thought to self: Ah Fudge it!!!) YES PLEAAAAAAAAASE! *cheeky grin*

and so that's how i ended up with an iPhone 4....

So far my feedback:

-Battery is definitely awesome, on VERY HEAVY USAGE (constant youtube vids, facebook, very long browsing, wifi on, playing a lot of games) i still have about 30 percent battery by the end of the day so Yes if you are a heavy user you will at least get though your day with some battery left when you get home!

-Interface is super fast and zippy : I have yet to experience ANY kind of slowdown whatsoever! Opening apps, opening vids, opening whatever, they load up relatively INSTANT!

-The Screen is UBER-Awesome! Everything is displayed Razor-sharp!!

-5 MegaPixel Camera is really good! Takes good quality movies at 30FPS which is a sure win!

-Awesome APPS! many are free! Now i get why the apps are all the craze!

-FINGER PRINT MAGNET: Make sure to get a MATTE screen protector and a silicone case! The front and back is GLASS - finger magnets and also pretty FRAGILE! Make sure you dont sit on it, step on it, put it on your backpocket etc - they WILL break!

Bottom line: YES, THEY ARE GREAT!!! I have yet to experience the whole "signal drops when you hold the phone a certain way blah blah blah" - maybe the fixed it with the newer units? The phone in general is REALLY fast and does not lag at all, even when opening multiple pages at the same time... Im impressed!! I am now officially a converted iphone fanboy :D 

I also bought some cheap cases off ebay (epik cases) they are not too bad, but they dont fit THAT good, not happy with my el-cheapo case i decided to invest in a nice SPECK FITTED iphone 4 case - they are awesome! they fit really really well and have a nice matte rubbery texture on the sides and a classy fabric at the back - Nice! I really recommend the SPECK cases - they are really high quality!