Saturday, October 30, 2010

How to move iTunes library from PC to MAC - including all ratings, playlists, tags etc!

Now that im officially a converted Apple Fanboy (i know!!! shame on me for investing in an iPhone4 and an iMac!) 

Most of us use iTunes as some sort of song organizing program, its good to keep our tunes neat, tidy and organized! Moving them around though, might look scary to some... The thought of losing all our neatly organized playlists, ratings, tags etc can be pretty scary!

But worry not! From personal experience, its actually VERY VERY EASY to do!

So if you are thinking of converting to apple as well and wonder - how do you move your ENTIRE library from PC to Mac  (and vice versa!), Here it is!

You will need: An external hard drive, formatted at FAT32 for maximum compatibility, how big would be dependent on how large your music library is.

Step 1: Download iTunes on your mac (doh!) Make sure its the latest version. Also make sure you update your pc's itunes to the latest version for maximum compatibility

Step 2: Make sure you tick "copy files when adding to iTunes" and then CONSOLIDATE your library so everything is in the iTunes folder!!! This is very important!!!

Step 3: Copy your whole "iTunes" folder (the folder which contains the folders "album artwork", "iTunes Music" , iTunes Music Library.xml etc 
on windows they are usually at:

WIN7: YOURNAME/My Music (locate the "iTunes" folder inside here)

VISTA (ugh!)  :  YOURNAME/Music/ (the "iTunes" folder will be inside)

WINXP: Documents and Settings/YOURNAME/My Documents/My Music/ (locate this folder and find "iTunes" inside)

copy the whole "iTunes" folder into your external hard drive (make sure its FAT32 so that your mac can read it!!!)

and then after it's done, eject the hard drive from your pc, plug the external hard drive into your mac and drag that very same iTunes folder...

into "users/YOURNAME/music" (on your MAC!) , make sure iTunes is not running while you are doing this! If it is running, quit first!

And that's it!

Now open iTunes and you will see all your PC library, complete with all your complicatedly sorted playlists that you spent hours and hours doing. 

That wasnt so hard wasnt it? :D

TIP: If you are a traktor/serato user, all your tags will be intact as well, so your beatgrids and hotcues will be right there where it was!