Sunday, October 31, 2010

How Young are your EARS? (hearing test)

Ever wondered how good your hearing is?

Go to this link below:

(or click HERE)

There's a square at the middle of the page that plays frequencies from 11 KHz to  18KHz....

Can YOU hear all of them?

to be perfectly honest i can only hear up to 16 KHz... (FAAAAAAARK!) 
So 17KHz is barely audible to me (i can hear it very very faint and i have to increase the volume a bit). 18KHz does nothing whatsoever to me (and i done this test using proper studio monitors!)

too much djing and loud music when i was younger has probably effected my hearing to some degree , im 26 years old so an 18 year old could probably hear all of them!

one thing to note as well, on the higher frequencies (17KHz and above) some pc speakers probably cant generate them, i actually use a studio monitor speakers to listen to them, so if you cant hear 17 on your laptop speakers, do not panic!!! its probably the speakers :D If you have a pair of good dj headphones, you can use them, just make sure to put the volume low as a safety precaution!!!

if you can hear 18KHz with no problem then your ears are FRESH! Please keep them that way by not over-exposing yourself to extreme loud noises :D

there are other sites where they go up to 21KHZ but im sure mr google can help you with that  :D