Thursday, May 19, 2011

Propellerheads Reason Wallpapers - Just For Fun!

We Love Propellerheads' REASON!

I was browsing around the internet for some Reason wallpapers and I COULD NOT FIND ANY! So I did these quick ones in a few minutes, they are simple, minimalistic, yet fills the desktop real nice, I made two of them, one for my Macbook Pro 13 inch (1280 * 800) and one for my 21 inch iMac (full hd 1920 * 1080)

They are by no means extreme works of art but they look sweet and provide easy visibility of your desktop icons and dont tire your eyes so much~ I made them for me but i thought im sure some would be interested on them as well!

Here they are for your enjoyment!

Macbook Pro 13 inch size, 1280x800:

Propellerheads Reason Wallpaper 1280 x 800

And for the FULL HD size, 1920x1080:

Propellerheads Reason Wallpaper 1920 x 1080 Full HD

Edit: For some reason the full HD one is not uploaded in FULL HD when you click above! The original one is 1920x1080 but when i uploaded it here they shrunk it down to 1600 something...

Solution: If you want to download the HD one with no size loss, click here to go to the one I hosted in deviantart