Sunday, May 22, 2011

Funny Japanese Korg nanoPAD2 review - LOL!!!

Watch it even if you dont speak Japanese!!! LMFAO!!

You may remember my Korg nanoPAD2 review (Here If you missed it)
It seems like some people are making good use of the XY Pads (which I admit is kinda cool, though i still think the 16 drum pads dont feel too great at all! BOO!)

Here is another cool video!

Oh and did you know you can hook up the nanoSeries2 to the iPad?

Before you run out to buy one... WAIT!! 
Before you run out to buy the nanoPAD2 - remember to TEST a unit first!! When they first announced the nanoPad2 i was hyped up and bought one straight away without even trying the display unit they had, so yeah it does have a great number of pads (16 pads + XY Pad over 4 banks) but if the FEEL of the pad is really important to you, DO test it out before purchasing!

As I discussed in my review, with the amount of controls they provide they are good for certain uses,
I bought it primarily to control KONG drum designer in Reason, in the end I ended up still using my old Akai LPD8 even though it has less buttons because it just feels better