Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cheapest Sennheiser HD25 Replacement pads

I am a proud owner of an old, aged, sennheiser HD25 1-II headphones, a few years back (2007?) my Pioneer HDJ1000 headphones broke after a gig (those things are rubbish!!! The hinges broke within 3 months!)

So later on I received as a present from my wife,  - The Sennheiser HD25 1-II Headphones! And man they are very durable!

Over the last few years, these headphones never failed me, and apart from the peeling leather pads, and the slightly faded, worn out 1/4 inch jack, they look and sound just like brand new

So, other than being bullet proof, they do sound crystal clear, and they do look damn good!

Anyways I went to the local Sennheiser shop the other day here in Singapore to quote on replacing the aged pads, perhaps the same leather one or perhaps a velour one, after some research I have found the velour ones do last longer, while the leather ones WILL peel off in time and leaving black leather residues on your face (dont you just hate when that happens?)

So I decided on the velour ones! But the price they quoted me was CRAZY expensive , $50SGD for a piece of Velour? Hmm... Does Not Compute!

so I went to ebay, found a seller in the UK who is selling it at about half price, problem was the shipping cost somehow would cost about the same as the pads themselves, so in total it would be the same price as if I bought the official one from sennheiser!

And then I found out that JUNO sells them for just 9.99 pounds (about $20 SGD) plus the shipping is only 2 pounds for Royal Airmail Firstclass! What a bargain! It even comes with the headband pad as a bonus which costs about SGD$40 in the sennheiser retailer as well!

So if you guys are looking for Sennheiser HD25 replacement pads, you can try Juno (link here) they also have it in different other colors (like red or blue) but I wanna keep it looking as close to the classic one as possible which is why I chose the black velour!

Oh and yes I do recommend these headphones, these would probably be the last headphone you'll ever buy, as everything is replaceable from the Cords to the drivers, so essentially It's a headphone you can use for like.. forever!


Look what just arrived in the mailbox 3 days later!

They fit really really awesome, in case you are wondering on "How to Change Sennheiser HD25 replacement Pads" you simply pull of the old ones, invert the new ones (and stretch the side a bit so they can fit), put the inverted new pads over the headphone, and slowly peel the sides in, into the headphones

Are they any good? Hell yeah, my Sennheiser HD25's look brand new now!!