Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pioneer HDJ-500 Headphones?

Pioneer HDJ-500 Headphones

Announced here

I wasnt impressed at all by the HDJ-1000s, i owned one for less than half a year and the hinges broke. Since then i have bought the sennheisser HD25s and they have been AWESOME. These new HDJ-500 headphones seem to be aimed at the entry level, meaning they are pretty low-priced, but they look surprisingly solid and well-made! They come with two cords - one coiler and one straight, obviously the cord is removable so if you break the cord i suppose they are very easily replacable (much unlike the hdj1000s- nice headphones, poor construction!!) - looks like pioneer are listening!

RRP USD$125 in red, black or white -
the black one looks a bit like the HDJ2000 while the white one looks pretty cool - whats with the red one??? The black & red will be available November 2010 while the White one will be available in Jan 2011 (Oh man!)

Hmmmm... for that price they are very tempting!

Still waiting if the whole pioneer midi controller thing is true or a hoax...