Wednesday, September 1, 2010

4MidiLoop - Veeeeery nice full 4 deck traktor controller!

The 4MidiLoop...

Full 4 Deck control Traktor Controller - with access to all 4 effect units, 8 hotcues, and FULL control/transport of ALL 4 CHANNELS without layer - this is probably the most complete (minus any jogwheels) traktor controller that allows you to manipulate all the decks at the same time. Nice!

All this encased in an aluminum box and sprinkled with 5 (Yes - Five - omgwtf?) Pro X-Fades - thats the xfader and all line faders.

The price? EUR1300!?

Check out the tutorial page on the website link above to see the detail of each and every button and knobs on the controller - whoever designed this really did their homework! Pretty much everything you need to control in Traktor Pro, all laid out neatly with nice led feedback!

And below we have their demonstration video - a rather boring one honestly, they should have asked someone like Ean Golden or Shiftee or someone who can do some crazy 4 deck cue juggling (making use of all 4x8 hot cue buttons) and crazy fx...