Thursday, September 2, 2010

Apple Ipod Touch 4G Released! Now who needs an iphone 4?

iPod Touch 4G : Everything iPhone 4 does (minus the phone)

Apple has just announced the all-new iPod Touch 4G - with iPhone4's supa sharp retina display, HD VIDEO RECORDING (low res photos tho - SHAME!) - and guess what? all this and its CHEAPER, slimmer and lighter than an iPhone 4. For those of us who already have a perfectly functioning phone (in my case i use the nokia E72 - The battery life on these is like IRONMAN on steroids!) but still gear-whoring/drooling over the iPhone 4 - We have a solution! 

Despite being called the i-Phone, being a "phone" hasnt always been the iPhone's main attraction. Its all about the apps, portable web browsing and entertainment. By the time you do need to make an emergency call you realise that your last session of multiplayer Quake for iPhone online just drained all the batteries. Oh Damn! Now you gotta hunt down a usb port/charger!

Now - We can just keep our old trusty phone (pick a phone with a very solid battery life!) do what they do best - being a Phone, and the iPod Touch can do all the fun stuff! This way if we had too much fun and killed the battery on the iPod Touch we can still make calls on our normal phone! And no need to worry if we have killed the reception by holding it the wrong way coz this aint need no reception! 

I really dont understand why the heck the camera takes HD 720p videos at 1280 resolution (niceee) yet only take very low res photos?? Ah well, guess you cant have everything, still...

WANT... ONE.... NOW...... 

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