Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Serato DJ:

So What's New in the DJ World? Native Instruments are releasing their own DJ mixer, the Z2, Pioneer says "you dont always need a laptop" with their new CDJ2000 Nexus and the XDJ Aero with the Rekordbox + IOS/Android support, meanwhile, Serato has been cooking up a rather tasty treat to try to keep up with everyone else stepping their game up

What is Serato DJ Anyway?

Well the way i see it, depending on which gear you use, Serato DJ can be seen as either the replacement for Serato Itch, or an upgrade path to Serato DJ Intro users (For US$199 - eeeeek??)

Effects has never been Serato's strength compared to native instruments who makes studio plugins, so interestingly they have collaborated with IZOTOPE for the effects - yes IZOTOPE The well loved company behind Stutter Edit, Ozone, Nectar, so i think izotope and native instruments can go head to head here in terms of the fx they are capable of doing - so yeah good one serato!

Itch users will get the new Serato DJ for free, while Serato DJ Intro can pay $199 to get more effects, features, BEAT GRIDS, among others

Interesting? Definitely!

Also note that SERATO DJ allows up to 4 decks - so those Serato DJ Intro controllers such as the VCI400 or the Reloop Terminal 4 which had 4 deck capabilities but was never allowed to explore its full potential, now with the Serato DJ you can maximize your hardware and use all 4 decks - how about that?

interesting development in the DJ Technology World I'd say!

Oh and did you see that awesome Serato DJ controller by Pioneer - the DDJ-SX! It definitely looks good - for those who arent into rekordbox / thumb drives