Monday, September 17, 2012

About Traktor's upcoming DJ Mixer - Traktor Scratch Ready and loaded with goodies

So traktor just released a teaser about their upcoming DJ Mixer, the Traktor Z2~

Now that Traktor is entering the DJ Hardware market, things will get really interesting, their product in the past consists of audio interfaces and midi controllers, if this thing is a standalone mixer that is Traktor Scratch certified, then they would officially go head to head to many dj manufacturers (hello there Pioneer!), particularly if this Z2 thing is priced well

If the price is set at around $599 USD or $699 USD  and it has a decent build quality then it has the potential to CRUSH all other low end mixer manufacturers, well we'll wait and see shall we?

So Pioneer decided to give Laptops the middle finger with its XDJ-Aero and CDJ2000 Nexus that plays off smart phones and tablets, and NI is releasing their own hardware? Man this is getting really interesting!

Some questions though...

  • What kind of X-fader does it have? Is it user replaceable if not? Is it the non-contact kind that has super long life? this will be the deal-breaker for many
  • Does the filters work without a computer connected? If yes ~ AWESOME
  • Is the top surface shiny and scratch/finger print prone like in the S2/S4? If yes then seriously they need to get this fixed before it gets released!!