Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rekordbox for Android/IOS! Initial Impressions

If you use an Android Phone or iPhone, the new Rekordbox app from Pioneer is available to download - FREE!

I installed it on my Samsung Galaxy Note yesterday and my initial impression was that, while it does look promising, i occasionally have freezes and lock-ups either to the rekordbox host in my Macbook Pro, or the program itself sometimes thinks that I am still transferring files even though I am long done, I dont expect it to be perfect, being a first release and all, bugs will need to be ironed out

Prepping tracks on the phone (also depends on what phone you have) can be actually A LOT faster and easier, my galaxy note with its HUGE screen lets me prep tracks quite conveniently, like I can see this being popular in the future when its a lot more stable (and faster)

at the moment the wifi streaming only works on the XDJ-Aero new units, but I suspect if these work Pioneer might just make it a standard... we shall see!

A word of warning - when I upgraded my OSX Rekordbox to 1.6.2 i lost ALL my beatgrids and my hotcues, they seemed to shift to the left a little bit - every single song in my library! Ok now thats just messed up!

So if you wanna install the android app and the new Rekordbox update. i recommend you fully backup your rekordbox files (copy the whole rekordbox folder to an external hard drive somewhere) so later you can restore stuff is things go wrong