Friday, June 29, 2012

Review: Slappa Hardbody Pro Headphone Case (With ATH-M50 Headphones!)

The Audio Technica ATH-M50 Headphones is by far, one of the best sounding headphones I ever heard (well in its price range anyways!), you can see my mini review HERE by the way

I normally use it for home Mixdown stuff for my Audio Engineering assignments when I need to work on them late night and I am unable to blast my Yamaha HS50M out loudly - the ATH-M50 does the job fine when you need them to!

Well, the ATH-M50 does come with a soft pouch that does not protect it in any way, being the OCD and overprotective that I am towards my gear, I felt the need to buy some kind of heavy duty, hard case to protect it when I take it out either to the Studio or anywhere else

Solution? The Slappa Hardbody Pro Headphone Case!

Here are some photos I took to show how it fits~

It almost looks like it wont fit...

I have included my trusty old Sennheiser HD25 as a size comparison next to it, (which wont fit by the way - I TRIED!)

As you see from the photo below, and above, it almost looks like I am not able to close down the case due to the extreme snug fit of the headphone inside the case, but it DOES fit, and i must say that It is almost the perfect fit, being snug it means the headphones wont bounce around inside the hard case, something that can potentially damage the headphones, lets say you jump up and down (for some weird reason), if there are too much space left in the case thats no good you see, so yeah I must say that It is a GOOD fit, a few milimetres of extra space would be really great, but as it is I must say It fits really well!!

But it fits - Snugly!!!
According to Slappa, this would fit most headphones that are foldable, there is a video online from slappa that shows the Pioneer HDJ-1000 and the Pioneer HDJ-2000 (very common dj headphones) inside them very well, im gonna embed the video below for you to see, in case you own those headphones and interested to see how they fit!

The Slappa Hardbody Headphone comes in several choices of style, Black, Camo (the one I have), white skulls, and a green/black skull thingie

Seriously, for the price ($16 - $24 on Amazon, depending on the style you choose), this is probably A MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to protect their precious headphones, I mean can you imagine what would happen lets say if you put your $200+ headphone inside the soft pouch that comes for free, and you either drop it or someone sits on your bag that contains the pouch - OUCH!!!

The Slappa Hardbody case is CHEAP,  strong, durable, looks great, and practically indestructible! It gives your headphones an instant +300 Armor Upgrade (hahaha too much Diablo 3 for me) and if your headphones fit, you REALLY should get one!

The Slappa Hardbody Cases should be available at your local DJ Shops (not in singapore though!) or online from Amazon, here are some links below for the various styles available:

Slappa SL-HP-01 Headphone Case  - Black