Sunday, June 10, 2012

So I got the Samsung Galaxy Note...

My contract finished with my Phone company Singtel  and I can get a brand new phone - pretty much any brand new phone!

My previous phone (That I used up until today - this morning to be exact) is the Apple iPhone 4, that I used since the first day it came out, served me very well, stood out to the abuse, it was pretty much on for the whole time I owner it, other than the home button crapping out (and received a shiny brand new replacement) the iPhone 4 was REALLY GOOD - everything felt good, the interface, the hardware, the browser, the finger print prone screen, the aluminum thing that goes around the side, the iPhone 4 was really a piece of art!

the iPhone 4 was great, it was so good that I never really thought I can use any other phone that does not use IOS, but being the tech geek that I am (yeah there I said it) I always like trying new stuff, especially stuff that competes with the stuff I am using at the moment (haha the whole samsung vs apple again)

So I went to the store... 

First Option: iPhone 4S

Hmmm... Not sure if i wanna get a brand new phone that looks exactly like my old one.... might just give this one a skip, not too keen on siri

iPhone 5 would have really won me over, but no, not 4s, sorry!

Second Option: Galaxy S3

Hmmmmm....... this is the thing everyone's talking about, its pretty huge, looks nice, but so plasticky? where my aluminums at yo? this whole thing is plastic, screen looks great (with a resolution that matches my 13 inch macbook pro~ its DAMN SHARP! Apple we need full HD on Macbook Pro screens pleeeease!)

before I fully examined the Galaxy S3, I then saw the...

The Galaxy Note!

Oh shit! This thing is HUUUUGE? Dafuq? Who came up with this monstrous, hideous beast? seriously i really thought the Galaxy Note was oversized to the point of being silly, and it looks just oversized and BAD

So I went to decide on the Galaxy S3, but while I waited on the queue, I spent A LOT of time playing with the display Galaxy note (hey it was a LONG queue aight? I must have waited for an hour or so)
and guess what? I started to enjoy using the Galaxy Note (Uh Oh....)

So... I went and bought it 

The Galaxy Note is.... either an oversized phone, or a miniature tablet, but I LOVE IT! The screen is great for browsing and watching movies, the micro SD card slot means I can load movies / Songs / Whatever as I want and switch the micro SD's over as I please, rather than the iPhone's default 32GB and no expansion

Suddenly when I put my iPhone 4 next to the Galaxy Note... it looks so tiny, it really changes your perception!

I still need to get used to android - I still think that IOS is super easy to use (even my 3 year old daughter is an expert on iOS!) , android is not so intuitive and IMO, feels not as polished as IOS, but seems like Im gonna have to stick with Android till my contract expires (thats in 24 months... haha!)

Seriously, this galaxy note thing is not too bad at all, I dont think I can use the smaller phones anymore after this, plus the screen real estate means I can do most of my browsing on the Galaxy note and leave my Macbook Pro / iMac for the more serious stuff

HD Movies look SO EPIC on the Galaxy Note!!! Oh and dont forget the Dual Core 1.2 GHZ Cpu and 1GB of Ram- Expandable storage! Just downloaded Grand Theft Auto 3 and let me tell you, the graphics on that screen just look so awesome!

Sorry Mister Steve Jobs, I have gone to the darkside (for now) :)

Now time for some heavy duty testing and I will report back with my mini Review!!! Review coming up soon!