Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ableton 8.3 Update Released!

Ableton 8.3 Update Released! 

Owners of Ableton 8 can now update to this latest version

Click HERE to see the release notes!

Nothing really much here, nope no extreme new features or new killer instruments or effects, just bug fixes and minor changes - not really what most people are expecting really as the current version 8 is kinda aging, just like logic 9 (Apple when will you release Logic X?) but any update is always welcome!

Im feeling a slight speed bump - there is this trance track session file that I have been working out which is maxed out (49 tracks , LOADS OF PLUGINS) and my 13 inch macbook pro could barely play back the session without the spinning beach ball thing popping out, well after the update I can actually play back the session without any glitches / drops - strange...

I really wish they start introducing 64 BIT support though - everyone has 8GB of Ram these days and its a shame not being able to make use of all the rams , everyone else (Logic, Cubase 6) starts going 64 bit, i think its about time Live! goes 64 bit too!

And... when is Ableton 9 coming out?? There were some rumors floating around previously regarding the next mega massive update of Ableton but lately things died out a bit, suddenly it's all quiet and now news regarding Ableton 9...

Ableton remains the single most used software I use these days (other than Cubase 6 occasionally and a little bit of Logic 9, but mostly really Ableton) so I am definitely looking forward for Ableton 9's release, hopefully not too long now!

Speaking of Ableton 8, I found that the single most useful, easy-to-read, comprehensive guide to Ableton here: Ableton Live 8 Power!: The Comprehensive Guide

This book has been really helpful in getting to know Ableton inside out for me, it pretty much covers everything about Ableton (except for the really advanced stuff like Max for live programming which is understandable)