Monday, March 26, 2012

Allen & Heath Xone K2 : lots of buttons and faders and pots!

Some more details about the upcoming controller from Allen and Heath!

This seems to be perfect with the upcoming Traktor 2.5 remix (Remix Decks) - they do share a strange resemblance dont they? who copied who?

One difference - The Xone K2 has a built in soundcard, one stereo out (thru RCA) and one 1/8 inch jack for headphones, yes that means you can assign one of the outputs as a headphone monitor and the other for you master out! Oh and another bonus - two Xone K2's can be linked together via ethernet - so us macbook pro users wont have to worry about wasting two USB slots!

And... the Xone K2 comes with its own hard case while the Traktor F1 has it sold separately- but at the same time the Traktor F1 comes with a full version of Traktor!!!

Tough choice isnt it??