Friday, March 2, 2012

Your Music In The Clouds! SoundCloud VS MixCloud - Which one? Or Both?

Back in the days I used to upload my mixtapes and production on my own website / server, that was the only option back then (other than CD and tapes that is!), but now there are many really good and cheap (or even free) hosting sites that not only let people stream your content instantly - it also has a good presentation (cover arts etc) - both which are good to start building your online presence

Plus, my old hosting site (netfirms) are a bunch of tools and scumbags that always want more money while providing less and less service - NETFIRMS SUCK! DO NOT USE THEM! (sorry just had to say that... haha) so it is time for me to adapt to 2012 and move my significant mixtape collection into the "CLOUD"

I recently signed up with the two leading services of such - Soundcloud and Mixcloud
(Oh by the way THIS is my Soundcloud and THIS is my Mixcloud if you wanna check it out~)

Soundcloud seems to have bigger number of users / activities which makes it seem like the way to go, however the FREE service only gives you  2 hours of space - enough for probably two 60 minute mixtapes, or one 60 minute mixtapes and a bunch of your own production (which a lot of people are doing at the moment)

I have purchased the Soundcloud premium for the Extra storage / Extra Features, but sometimes I wonder if the other FREE alternative - MIXCLOUD - is just as capable of hosting mixes?

Mixcloud is a FREE service that allows you to host ONLY mixtapes, that has 8 tracks or more, yes no single tracks or short 10 min mixtapes here! (Unless you cram 8 tracks in 10 minutes which is probably doable these days easily). This makes mixcloud the perfect hosting place for your old mixtapes and the place where you can store all your personal mixtapes from the olde days to be listened by the new generation (which is what Im doing now) and also as a personal archive

Mixcloud does not look as good as Soundcloud though, and has less features (and less population) - Soundcloud is still the best platform for launching your sound (both mixtapes and production) if you can afford the premium accounts - the free account is far too limited for such uses so if you want to use Soundcloud you might want to check out their Premium services, while Mixcloud is totally free so it doesnt hurt to have one anyway!

One thing to note is that Mixcloud does not have (well not officially) a download option - which means people would have to stream your stuff over the internet (with questionably quality reduction as always - its being streamed!)

Soundcloud also has a funny way of downsizing your songs, I posted some production to Soundcloud and I swear that I can hear artifacts that were never there before - hmmm I suppose its the quality reduction In act?

Just My 2 Cents :)

THIS is my Soundcloud and THIS is my Mixcloud if you wanna check it out~)