Thursday, April 12, 2012

FREE Ableton Live 8 Lite For ALL Soundcloud users!

Soundcloud has teamed up with Ableton to present ALL their users a FREE copy of Ableton Live 8 Lite!

Yes that's right, so now ANYONE can get a free copy of Ableton Lite 8!

How does this work? Well if you are a registered Soundcloud member you will get an email newsletter - there's a secret link on that newsletter that allows you to input your email in - and voila! They will send you a legit, free, Ableton Live 8 Lite Serials

Of course full-version owners of Ableton Live 8 dont need this but surely you have a friend or two who could use a free copy of Live Lite 8 - in fact everyone should have a copy! So tell your friends, tell your girlfriend, boyfriend, parents, teacher, neighbour, and hopefully they can make use of this offer

What exactly do you get with the Ableton 8 lite? 

Well you have 8 channels of Audio tracks, 8 Channels of MIDI Tracks, one granular synthesis device (simpler), one simple yet awesome drum device (impulse), all this for free - not bad right? Plus you get a whole bunch of effects (only a portion of what the full Live 8 / Suite 8 offers but its still great!)

Keeping in mind that it has 8 audio channels that it should be sufficient for a simple (simple??) 8-deck ableton dj set, which by the way there's a good article on Ableton DJing in DJTECHTOOLS which you can read HERE

According to the Ableton Site the offer is on until May 31 2012!!!

More Details Here

Check out the Youtube video Here