Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Bunch of Awesome Stuff I Just Bought!

Cubase 6!!!

Cubase 6 is seriusly a contender for the best DAW software. It does not come with as many instruments and sounds as apple's own Logic Studio 9, but I really really like the workflow (and the interface!) of Cubase 6!

Im still learning and getting  used to Cubase 6 but I have been following tutorials (Finished all 4 Levels of AskVideo Cubase tutorials! Great tutorials by the way, highly recommended)  and I even read thru the whole 700 page+ manual (Yes I did!!) Just so that I would know it inside out! Power User incoming!!

As an Audio Engineering student I am able to use the educational pricing on Cubase 6, those of you who are wondering where to buy Cubase 6 Educational in Singapore you can check out:

Yamaha SG - $499 SGD (WTF???)
Resolution SG - $420 SGD (This is the standard rate)
Valentine Music Centre $410 + Free Delivery (Where I got it from! Great prices and great service!)

Yes everything is more expensive in Singapore! In USA, sells Cubase 6 Edu for just $299USD!

Try Cubase 6 For Free (Trial)

By the way for those who are interested to try out Cubase 6, Steinberg is offering a free 30-day trial! Check out the details HERE

Yamaha HS50M Monitor Speakers

Finally Bought These!!! These monitors have a little bit of history behind it, google up Yamaha NS10 / NS10-M if you havent heard of them! I've been drooling to get this piece of history for a long long time but never been able to (Too many Gear I want to buy and money doesn't grow on Trees!!!)

There was this saying that "If you can make it sound good on these speakers, it will sound good anywhere", this is due to the Yamaha Hs-50m's flat and accurate sound, i find them to be really really flat and they are really good mixing speakers, perhaps one of the best in its price range, although for listening pleasure they kinda lack bass so those Dubstep wobbleZ wont do as much impact as, lets say the KRK RP5 Rokits which are very bassy and muddy (from my own personal experience with trying them out)

This goes out to replace my old battered M-Audio AV40 speakers which now will serve as the speakers for my Traktor S4 haha!