Saturday, November 13, 2010

Technics being Discontinued, the next DJing icon: The Macbook???

Just something that came across my mind~

As we all heard already, technics is apparently being discontinued, as the sales of turntables are declining sharp (most of the kids these days go for the pioneer cdjs or straight to digital).

As more and more options becoming available to dj, turtables arent so popular anymore, with the rise of digital djing, midi controllers, and Pioneer CDJs, now you dont even have to own a piece of vinyl to be called a dj~ hmmm...... sad!

Perhaps one of the contributor to the rise of digital djing, and the downfall of the spinning black plate is... yes that's right, STEVE JOBS!!! (apple)

of course pioneer CDJs have a part in being the "industry standard" but after awhile people got sick of burning cds, and that's when DJ softwares came in and offer DJs a method of organizing everything easily... Digital vinyl systems became pretty much a standard, but as CDJs are getting more "industry standard", less and less clubs have working turntables coz most people use the turntables merely as a stand to put their heavy CD WAllets!

Thanks to apple macbook's reliability, more and more dj's are switching to digital over the years, and the once iconic djing icon such as the technics turntables have been replaced by a glowing apple logo in the dark club, from such DJs such as Steve Aoki, Dubfire, Pete Tong, whatever software they use, they have one thing in common : They all use Macbooks! The macbook is slowly becoming a standard in DJing,  as digital djing becomes acceptable, just as how cd djing becomes acceptable to vinyl djs in the past. What will the future hold? We can only wait and see