Thursday, November 25, 2010

Review: Linkin Park : A Thousand Suns , Album of the year??

Okay, I know this album is pretty old by now, but i just wanted to take my time to listen to it over and over and over so that I can give a proper review on it, in fact I have been listening to this album on a daily basis lately and I think that justifies a review!

So is this album any good? Well I honestly I think it is one of the best Linkin Park album I ever heard! If you don't like it, then you really need to just sit down and have a listen to the whole album, and then listen again, this is one of those album that gets better and better with each listen! personally when i first bought the album i was skipping through most of the tracks and was puzzled by the amount of "fillers" in the album, from the whole album there's probably 9 full length tracks and about 6 "interludes"

Well i said interludes instead of fillers the second time because the interludes themselves are pretty damn awesome if you actually listen to them!
Aniways - i was skipping through most of the tracks at first and thought "uh... this album's not so good" but later on i took the time to actually sit down and listen to each and every one of the tracks in the album, and realized how good they actually are!! This album just grows on you, it might not make such a big impact if you just listen to short parts of the songs or a little bit here and there, you actually have to listen and digest it at least once, and then the goodness just flows in!!

The whole album is EPIC, although there are many stand out tracks like the drumbeat-happy "when they come for me" , the super-epic soon-to-be-anthem "Iridescent", "Burning In the Skies", and "waiting for the end" were among my favorites. The only bad thing about this album is that there aren't enough songs!!!

I was hoping for at least 12 to 13 full length tracks instead of just 9, but i guess quality matters more than quantity?  We just want more stuff to listen to, now we'll have to wait for the next album for more LP material!

So the verdict : This is one of the best Album EVER released, its a masterpiece! Its a definite must have either if you are an old time Linkin Park Fan or if you never heard of them before (Is that possible?? lol)
If you think you did listen to it and didn't like it, give it a chance and have a listen one more time, you'll be surprised how they get better with each listen!!! Im not kidding!!

Score: 9/10
(If they had put more tracks in then it'd be a perfect 10!! Even with the interludes the album is too short!!)