Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dead Pixel, I hate you!

Im sure we've all heard this before: you just bought a brand sparkling new Macbook Pro, spent heaps of money on it, took it home happily, turned it on, and a single dead black pixel smack in the middle stares at you. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!

That's what happened to me the other day actually, weird coz i have never had any dead pixel issues with any electronic devices before (except for some cheap chinese PMP but i suppose apple should have a higher standard??) so this really made me angry

So i went to the shop that i bought it for and they refused to give me a replacement unit at first, instead they asked me to go to apple directly and sort this out. So i did. Apple refused to replace my unit because "i didnt buy it straight from there, therefore the reseller is responsible to replace" . What the??? Basically i was just bounced around like a PingPong Ball between these two places

so  i called apple service centre again, and this time i was SHOUTING like a mofo, screaming and told them i paid full price for a professional product yet they failed to provide me with one, instead i got a product with a visible dead pixel in the middle of the screen and its driving me crazy

after hours on the phone and shouting, they finally approved to replace my unit with a brand new unit (they offered a refurbished unit but i told them i paid for a brand new product and i shall receive one, i will not accept some refurbished bullcrap)

at the end i did get my brand new, sparkling Macbook Pro, DEAD PIXEL FREE!

So lesson learned: When you buy a Macbook (or any kind of electronic device in that matter) , make sure you turn it on and inspect for dead pixels immediately BEFORE PAYING, and REFUSE to pay if there's a dead pixel and demand a new unit! My biggest mistake was hastily taking home the Macbook Pro and installing Traktor S4 on it (hahaha) and then noticed the dead pixel later on.

So yeah, NO ONE SHOULD Have to cope with a single (or more) dead pixel staring at you , especially if the product is brand new!

Apparently Apple has a very strict policy about this, a leaked document shows that they are not willing to replace units with less than 5 dead pixels....

Anyway, Apple makes good products (i love my iMac, iPhone 4, and the dead pixel free macbook pro!) but just make sure you get what you paid for, apple products arent cheap and you should not receive a product if it has any kind of defects, even if its just a single pixel!