Thursday, August 12, 2010

Serato Scratch Live 2.1 Final is out!

Download it here NOW!!

Looks like SSL is playing catch-up with Traktor :) They have some pretty decent effects now as well!

What's new in Scratch Live 2.1?

  • Ultra Knob effects for 1 Knob performance control of advanced effects.
  • 32 new Ultra Knob effects and 28 new Super Knob effects including "Echo Out" and "1 Knob HP/LP Filter".
  • Plug and Play support for the Novation Dicer Scratch Live controller.
  • Full integration with the Pioneer CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 in "Advanced HID Mode" including library navigation, album art, overview display, and responsive platter control.
New DJ-FX Features:

- Added New Ultra Knob Effects. Each FX unit now has two control modes - Ultra Knob Mode and Super Knob mode, both of which can be fully customized. In Ultra Knob mode you can load more advanced effects such as "Echo Out" and "Brake Out" - and just like the Super Knob you can Edit, Create and Save new Ultra Knob Effects yourself.

- Added 32 new Ultra Knob Effects and 28 new Super Knob effects.

- Added a "Beats" control to the DJ-FX Panel. This control sets the BPM for the effects unit in Ultra Knob and Super Knob Modes.

- The DJ-FX Knobs now have a new look so you can easily see their position from a distance.

Novation Dicer

- Added integrated Plug n Play support for the Novation Dicer.

CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900

- You can now use the CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 with Scratch Live in Advanced HID mode. When in Advanced HID Mode you will have complete Scratch Live integration at your fingertips including library navigation, overview display, album art display, and responsive platter control.