Monday, August 16, 2010

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 - the announcement!

The news is here!!!

The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 will be priced at USD $999 and will feature a new exclusive version of Traktor - Traktor S4. Rather than copy/pasting , check out the link above for videos of the S4 in action!!

This definitely looks good, the jogwheels with the new "electro magnetic" technology seems promising, the way shiftee scratches with those mini jowheels look a bit awkward though, it could be just the size? One thing for sure is this thing definitely kills the overpriced Xone:DX with no touch sensitive jogwheels whatsoever. Although the dx can also be used as an analog mixer (sort of). As good as it looks i dont think i'll be buying this, i still much prefer the old skool CDJ+mixer+DVS setup just because i still play a lot of CDs, but for some who has gone fully digital, this might be the classiest way to go 4 decks.

It is also interesting that they sell the roadcase (look below) which doubles as a base/laptop stand - pretty clever idea! The only downside to this is that probably everyone gonna start carrying the exact same cases to the clubs and we wont know which's who's

Here are some pics and vids for those of you who havent seen em - click pics for bigger:

Some Pics: