Monday, August 9, 2010

Pioneer Rekordbox 1.3.0 is out

For those of you who didnt know it - Rekordbox is now a free software and everyone can download the current version 1.3.0  from the pioneer website here

With the current generation of Pioneer's CDJs : 350/850/900/2000 all Rekordbox compatible, there's this possibility that one day in the future Rekordbox might just be the next "standard". At the moment most clubs are still rocking the 1000MK3's but since they are out of production, very soon we'll see either the 900 or the 2000 in the clubs (or even 850 for smaller clubs?)

Rekordbox is really a good alternative to DVS - as much as i love using Traktor there's something about mixing without a laptop (and not having to burn CDs!!) that feels really great. With the computer screen out of the way suddenly it feels like DJing the old way again! No more messing around with rcas at the back of the mixer to hookup your audio card while the previous dj is playing as well !

So, all you need to do is register for a free serial, download and then install it. If you have a spare USB thumb drive, chuck a few tracks in there after analyzing with rekordbox so even if you dont have the new gen Pio CDJS - next time you play in the club and they happen to have one, you just need to plug your thumb drive and start playing!