Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CDJ900/2000 Firmware 3.1 : Advanced HID mode in Serato 2.1 - What about Traktor??

So we've all seen the publications and videos about the cool new 3.1 FirmWare for Pioneer CDJ900/2000...

Pioneer CDJ-900 / CDJ-2000 Firmware Update v3.10 Key Features
* HID Support (Serato 2.1) - Strengthen connectivity between DJ software and player, which allows the software to show the following information on the CDJ display.
- Browsing music file
- Cue/Loop Points
- Album Art (Jacket picture, CDJ-2000 only)
- Track End Warning
* Auto 8-Beat Loop setting by pushing the 4-Beat loop button for more than 1 second. (CDJ-2000 only)
* Track End Warning - when the remaining play time of a USB storage device or CD track is less than 30 seconds, the Jog illumination will blink and the "PLAYING ADDRESS" icon is inversed. (CDJ-2000 only)
* 0.1 Decimal BPM - Now able to show one decimal point of the BPM (CDJ-2000 only)
* Quantize Always On - The factory default of QUANTIZE is changed from OFF to ON.
* Anti Glitch - LOOP smoothing process was improved to reduce glitch sounds between the LOOP END and LOOP START points.

Im surprised that Native Instruments didnt even try to match Serato's awesome Advanced HID support? I started a thread HERE on the NI Forums , a lot of people seemed to agree with me that Traktor needs to step their game up because Serato has been growing exponentially better and better, long ago Serato was simply 2 decks and a waveform pretty much, but now with the BRIDGE soon to be released, up to 4 deck support, and built in effects, perhaps in a few years Traktor is no longer is top of the game (feature wise).

I have tried the Traktor 1.2.6 HID mode extensively with the cdj400 and the cdj900 - it BLOWS! The jogwheel latency was really bad, and the spinning vinyl marker in the middle of the jogwheel is very very glitchy. This is up until version 1.2.6 of Traktor Scratch Pro.

Would they even improve this? I Doubt so, The CDJ400 has been out for AGES (and its going to be a discontinued product soon) - and they have still yet to do a HID support that matches the Serato HID support for the CDJ400 - WHY?

If you are a traktor user and also feels that NI needs to stop being lazy and rework the cdj400/900/2000 hid support, you can visit the forum post HERE and write a comment there, maybe NI would one day listen and give us the awesomely skratchable, low latency hid support for the pioneer cdjs

Is this pioneer at fault? Probably NOT! 
Pasted from the pioneer forums:

pulse from pioneer forum states:

"No, they are for any software willing to take advantage of them. If the engineers at Native Instruments make use of the conduits provided then Traktor may also eventually have things like waveform display.

Pioneer National Trainer // Product Specialist "

So basically what they're trying to say is, its possible for Traktor to have the same level of HID support (including the WAVEFORMS, Cuepoints etc) it is up to the native instruments engineers to work on it. Let's wait and see...