Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bye Bye CDJ800 - Say hello to the CDJ850

This looks really really nice! If i didnt already buy the CDJ900s then i would probably buying this when it comes out - the only thing this doesnt have that the 900s have is the digital out, slip mode , and lan cable connection (dont really need those aniway)

Due out in August 2010 at a MSRP of $999US Dollars (im guessing thats 1250 to 1300 in singapore? Maybe)

So pioneer is attempting to dominate (if they dont already) the CDJ market... From the affordable CDJ350 to the OMFG-Its-So-Expensive-But-I-Want-It CDJ2000

Soon: Review of my new toys The RANE TTM56s mixer and the Native Instruments Kontrol X1