Friday, January 18, 2013

New Electro/House Mixtape 2013!

New mixtape for 2013!!!

21 seizure-inducing, straight up hard electro tracks (hence the appropriate mixtape name and the cover art)

I love doing mixtapes, for me it allows me to shape some kind of journey, like a book that is meant to be read from the first page to the last one - this mixtape is the same, every single track was chosen and compiled to form some sort of musical journey to the listener~ the theme this time is... hard, heavy, robotic, mechanical, video game kinda noise

The mix opens with a familiar song... "Bug hunt - Noisia Remix" by Skrillex, yes this song is one of the sound track to the walt disney movie "Wreck It Ralph", in which I intent to carry the listener to "the video game world" - where noises do sound like what would you hear for the rest of the mix!

This mix is influenced by the rage, seizure music the likes of knife party, porter robinson, and such, meaning it would be on the harder spectrum of electro house, with a very heavy dose of Dubstep (or shall we say... BROstep) influences. Following with the "video game" theme, the next song "Atarii" by Eminence follows the style of bleeping noises (Atari - get it? hence the song name) with very heavy bass, the rest of the mix pretty much is self explanatory, I try to include some tracks with vocal elements such as Zedd's "Fall Into The Sky" which has beautiful vocals by none other than Ellie Goulding, to keep this mix from being all bleepy and wub wub. Other beautiful vocal tracks include Felix Cartal's "No Sleep" and REVOLVR's "Machine"

To finish off the mix, we have GTA's "Ai Novinha", an interesting track that starts off at 128 bpm and ends at the Dubstep/Brostep/Trap BPM of 145 Beats per minute - just to give the listener that nasty surprise at the end!


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ZILCH - High Voltage! Vol. 2

01. Intro - Skrillex - Bug Hunt (NOISIA remix)
02. Eminence - Atarii (original mix)
03. A-Trak Feat. Oliver - Disco Nap (original mix)
04. Calvin Harris & Nicky Romero - Iron (Dyro remix)
05. Felix Cartal Feat. Natalie Angiuli - No Sleep (original mix)
06. Zedd & Lucky Date Feat. Ellie Goulding - Fall Into The Sky (original mix)
07. Sander Van Doorn - Joyenergizer
08. Steve Aoki - Emergency (Laidback Luke remix)
09. Starkillers & Bl3nd - Xception (original mix)
10. Showtek & Bassjackers - Hey! (original mix)
11. Jordy Dazz & Dannic - Fuego (original mix)
12. REVOLVR & Lea Luna - Machine (original mix)
13. Whiite, Prima Volta & Stazz - Broken (Vandalism & Mr. Fluff remix)
14. Tradelove - Seven Nation Army (Alex Mind remix)
15. D-Rashid & Blasterjaxx - Reborn (original mix)
16. Congorock - Monolith (original mix)
17. Deezee & Joshua K - Rockstar (Mind Electric remix)
18. Elite Force - Captain America (Felix Luker remix)
19. Tomcraft - Loneliness 2K13 (Jaxxon remix)
20. Digital Freq & Pyramyth - Space Craft (original mix)
21. GTA - Ai Novinha (128 - 145 BPM mix)

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