Monday, July 30, 2012

Just Ordered my Maschine Mikro!

So you guys know that Native Instruments are having a MASSIVE (pun intended) savings on the Maschine series - which includes both the Original Maschine and the smaller, more portable Maschine Mikro

So until August 31st 2012, they are slashing the prices of the original Maschine to USD$399 (Normally $549!!!) and the Maschine Mikro to USD $249 (normally $399!!)

I finally decided to buy the Maschine Mikro ($240 USD - after conversion to Singapore Dollars its SGD $320) from Native Instruments online shop which offers FREE Delivery (Fed Ex baby! Yes they give you free shipping using legit shipping companies that takes about 4-6 working days to arrive)

I am interested to get the maschine as a jamming hardware to get my rhythm parts done, those awesome orange pads seem like a lot of fun to play beats on! I also have several midi mapping ideas on how to map the 8 banks of 4x4 pads in Traktor Scratch Pro (sample decks maybe?)

Cant wait!

Review (and possibly a custom Traktor Pro 2.5.1 mapping) coming up soon!

Oh and if you are in the USA, Amazon is offering the Maschine Mikro at $244.95 with free shipping!

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro