Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rane Sixty-One and Rane Sixty-Two DJ Mixers AnnounceD!

Oh wow!!

Until today my Rane TTM-56s mixer remains one of the best purchases I ever made...

Today Rane announced the succesors to their 2 channel mixers:

Rane Sixty-One
Rane Sixty-Two

The Rane 61 (Sixty-One) and The Rane 62 (Sixty-Two)

The Rane Sixty-One is like an updated TTM-56s with Serato interface built in

The Rane Sixty-Two features dual USB ports for ease of transition between Serato Djs!!!

Here are some cool videos to tempt you to drain you credit card... :P

More info : Rane Announcement