Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Massive Traktor Update coming up soon!

Holy SHIT!! 

Im sure you have seen the new teaser video for the upcoming sample deck player update + New controller from Native Instruments:

Really looking forward to this new Traktor update!! I just hope that its not a paid update

From what it seems it will be a lot more "Ableton-ish" clip launching action...

Some observations:

Hmm volume faders and filters for each sample deck?
I have done some detective work myself on the teaser video and I am quite sure that each "kontrol X2" (or whatever they might call it) controls a sample deck (that's either deck C or deck D for most people, but definitely not both C & D!) and while previously each sample deck has 4 slots, now those 4 slots has 4 different slots within them - explaining the 4x4 buttons grid, I suspect this will work a lot like the clip launching in ableton

Each sample deck slot will seem to have its own volume faders and dedicated filters

4 x 4 on each sample decks? Yum!
This new controller will be an AWESOME addition to the Kontrol S2 - giving you near-maximum control over all the decks! This would also mean that two of these might be needed if you plan on using two sample decks (eg. deck C + D as shown on the teaser video)

Two of those and an X1 -> Maximum Impact, better save up coz you'd wanna get two!
Those who did their homework and beatgrid all their tracks will be rewarded here, I suspect all well beat-gridded traktor tracks can now be dissected into pieces and re-manipulated as needed very very easily - this is AWESOME! Currently it is already easy to copy loops from full tracks into the sample decks and build up sample deck library - with 4x4 slots for each sample deck the possibilities are pretty much limitless!

All those hours i thought i wasted beatgridding my tracks in Traktor finally justified itself!