Friday, April 22, 2011

OSX Time Machine - Backing up made easy!!!

I am probably the last person to actually find out how awesome TIME MACHINE on OSX is!

No - not the time machine from Back to the Future!  
For those who dont know Time Machine is the mac osx's uber-awesome backing up system that copies your WHOLE system into an  external drive!

Recently I upgraded my macbook pro hard drive to 750GB (previous blog post), now having a lot of space, means if anything was to happen to my laptop the whole massive chunk 750GB of data would be gone FOREVER! Yes that means my sample collection, reason refills, beatgridded traktor tracks (that took forever to beatgrid!!) , I'd lose the whole lot! SO SCARY!!!

On top of that i have an iMac 21 inch that i use a lot for home usage (1TB hard drive) - if anything was to happen to the 1TerraByte of data I'd probably Kill someone! (As you would too!)

Solution to Everything: 
2TB External Hard Drive + Time Machine!

I just need to setup time machine (the first setup takes the longest, after that its all good!) and periodically (once a month is good enough) do a full system backup on both of my Mac computers : My iMac (1TB) and my Macbook Pro (750GB) on a single western digital 2TB external hard drive, that's killing two birds with one stone - just make sure to keep the external hard drive at home and in a safe place!!

I heard of the time machine features before but never realized how easy it actually is to do these backups!  It is sooo easy!! Basically once you have your external hard drive (the bigger the better - western digital is a good brand) the rest is just 1-2-3!

I really recommend anyone to do a full backup of their system periodically, so you can at least sleep well at night knowing your data is perfectly SAFE at all times! Remember when SKILLREX lost all his data on his laptop and had to cancel his gigs?

Now you wouldnt want that to happen to you right? :)