Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Macbook pro hard drive upgrade to 750GB!

I just upgraded my stock (hitachi) Macbook Pro 13 inch hard drive to 750GB and so far its been pretty great! I chose the Western Digital Scorpio Blue 750GB (WD7500BPVT) 9.5mm , 2.5inch drive and im very happy with the upgrade, everything runs fast, snappy, and SO MUCH SPACE!

Costed me just SGD$120 (about $90USD) for the upgrade, so yeah its damn awesome!

Once the SSD (solid state drives) price lower a bit i might consider moving this to the dvd drive using the optibay and installing SSD as the boot drive, to boost up the overall speed of the macbook pro

So for those who are thinking of getting the WD Scorpio Blue 750GB for their macbook pro - They are GREAT! Tried and tested!

Any questions about the upgrade? Feel free to ask me!